Illustration: Language Of The Gods

Illustration: Language Of The Gods

Ghost in the Shell by Jeremy Chong for Fictionary

In the dawn of humanity, written languages came in the form of images such as pictorial representations that serve to document important events, honor deities and even stand as decorations, among many other uses. In ancient Egyptian, hieroglyphs (“sacred carving”) is literally translated as “language of the gods”, underscoring its many important roles as prayers and texts written in tomb walls and coffins to guide the dead through afterlife.

These pictorial representations or ancient symbols are considered illustrations as they act as a visual explanation in place of more sophisticated communication tools that have yet to be developed. It has since been thousands of years that illustrations, besides being a medium of communication, have matured into intricate and sometimes complicated mode of expression called art.

With the revolution of technology, illustration has become even more specialised as digital illustration, the technique of using computerized digital tools to create original artwork, requires time and effort to master. However, the increase in demands towards the digital entertainment sector such as film and games provide vast potential-honing opportunities for the young and talented generation.

As a leading art and design college in Malaysia, The One Academy acknowledges the need to provide a holistic education in order to supply industry-standard talents into the industry. The institution’s Diploma in Illustration, Movie & Game Art has been continuously improved and revised as an endeavor to keep an up-to-date syllabus for students.

In the programme, students are comprehensively trained to develop in-depth concepts and ideas before presenting them through visual explanations that are able to capture the audience’s attention and arouse curiosity. Hands-on explorations in a variety of mediums, techniques and styles aimed for commercials, films, animations and games will equip students with the necessary knowledge and ability to adapt to a multitude of career options.

In addition to an international-standard syllabus, The One Academy also employs a unique teaching method that is based on the ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy whereby international professionals in the creative industries are curated to impart their invaluable insights, experience and advice of how it is like to be successful and what it takes, besides also conducting classes to enhance students’ skills.

Fictionary is one of the many occasions whereby The One Academy follows through with its teaching philosophy. Themed ‘Fandom’ and organised by The One Academy’s ONEARTCLUB, Fictionary exhibited over 50 breathtaking digital print artworks of game or comic characters such as Ragnarok, Dragon Age, Ultraman, Ghost in The Shell and Berserk, by seasoned and emerging local and international artists.

Milky Mech by Tneh Sau Keong for Fictionary

A majority of the artists are graduates of The One Academy and have been known for their excellence in both their career and personal works, and have worked on many projects from commercials to games, films and animations. Artists Tan Zhi Hui a.k.a. Kudaman, a talented concept artist from Passion Republic, and Skan Srisuwan from Bangkok’s Studio Hive conducted a demo session and sharing session respectively during the event as motivation for students to strive for the best.

GORKHA - Enlightenment by Jarold Sng for Fictionary

In essence, the illustration scene is a highly specialised field that requires plenty of practice and effort, but at the end of the day, the hard work will pay off, especially with the rise of digitalised entertainments. As proof, the artists at Fictionary are the success stories that have went through years of diligent training to become ‘gods’ in this field. Besides, what’s is more rewarding than being able to do what you enjoy the most for a lucrative full-time career?

Devil May Cry - Dante by Rayden Chen for Fictionary

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