Your Chance to Be Part of the Digital Animation Industry

Your Chance to Be Part of the Digital Animation Industry

For those born before the 90s, you’ll probably remember that animated films by companies like Walt Disney® once took years to produce as animated cartoons used to be tediously hand-drawn frame by frame. As technology became more sophisticated, the era of digital animation was born to complement traditional animation, therefore, increasing the demands for digital animation as a career.

Observing market trends on digital animation as a potential career, especially with the present vast shortage of talents in the industry, The One Academy dove into providing and curating a course that not only educates the younger generation its industry’s craft but also help boost and elevate the industry to another level.

How do you know if this career is for you? First, understand what digital animation is. If you are an avid movie buff, surf the internet from time to time or have walked across the street overlooking a giant electronic billboard, chances are, you have seen digital animation in action. As an example, seeing  toys coming to life in Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 are one of the many forms of digital animation.  

Just to add on some random fun facts, did you know that the first that Toy Story (1995) was the first fully computer-animated feature film ever produced in the history of the film industry? If you knew that, chances are, you are, after all, an avid fan of animated films. In addition, if you love art and dream of being part of what goes on behind the scenes, you actually have the opportunity now.  

The One Academy, an award-winning art and design creative art college, offers a diploma course in Digital Animation and collaborates with award-winning production companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and  Dreamworks Animation as part of its ‘Masters Train Masters’ coaching philosophy where masters of respective industries are engaged to groom students to be future masters.

From time to time, The One Academy also holds specially curated Master Classes, led by award-winning legends such as Andrew Gordon, Pixar Animation Director and The One Academy’s appointed 3D Animation Course Director, whose works include A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2 & 3, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Monsters University; Dan Holland, Pixar Animation Art Director and Sketch Artist of Academy Awards winning features Wall-E and Golden Globe-nominated Cars 2; and Eduardo Pena, Former Concept Artist of LUCASFILM Weta Digital, Weta Workshop Ltd whose works include  The Hobbit Trilogy, Transcendence, Lucy and Hercules.       

Equipped with Hollywood-standard Digital Animation Lab, industry-benchmarked software and hardware and 3D Animation Laboratory facilities, students are also occasionally treated to a live demonstration by the legends themselves. The college’s teaching method here is proven to be effective as it has nurtured many industry leaders who have made their mark in the industry globally. To experience The One Academy and explore the digital animation industry, contact any course counsellor at 03-5637 5510 or email

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