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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Undergraduate (Diploma, Bachelor)

Lithan Academy Sdn Bhd

3-6 months

Tuition Fees
RM 19,500

Study Mode
Full-time / Part-time


Department in IT


MYR 19,500 (partial scholarships available to learners having exceptional prior learning assessment results)

Full time/Part time

Full-time / Part-time


Part-time: 6 months

Full-time: 3 months


You will learn to create and manage the Digital Marketing Strategy of an enterprise through well-planned execution of marketing campaigns and their analysis across various digital marketing channels.

Course Overview

Lithan’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a specialist level qualification which introduces the student to various digital marketing channels and then deep dives into of each of the channels. A student learns how to identify and analyse their customer profiles and select the appropriate digital marketing channels to conceptualize, plan, implement and monitor various digital marketing campaigns to offer their products and services.

The course enables the student to acquire skills required to monitor the marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and quickly adapt their campaigns to the real-time customer behavior and make their campaigns more effective.

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Entry requirements

1 year of experience in Marketing or Sales jobs