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In many sectors, it is not necessary for a student to get a bachelor's degree before they can start working. Some industries pay very well for skilled employees, so this route should not be considered a less desirable option after SPM. Students who choose this path undergo shorter duration courses or certificate-level training. Each level of study awards you a certificate or diploma, which recognises your level of competence in the field. The duration of each training level varies between six months and two years. As the course emphasises more on practical skills than theoretical knowledge, the higher you go with each level, the more you will learn and can contribute when you start working. Having a certificate level of 1 and 2 allows you to start working in operations and production; level 3 and 4 (which is a diploma) gives you a supervisory role; while level 5 prepares you for a managerial role. Most students who wish to enter the workforce quickly to gather experience would end their studies at level 2 or 3. For those who are quick to learn and hard-working, this can help them get a head start towards a lifelong career. Here are some specialisations that do not require a bachelor's degree to work in:

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