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Course Overview

Social work, in general, involves working to bring about social change, helping to solve problems in human relationships and empowering and liberating people so as to enhance their lives. A social work program involves the fundamentals and principles of human rights and social justice. It provides students with a sound knowledge of politics, behavioural theory and social sciences, which is the basis for the development and in-depth knowledge of social work theory, social work practice, social policy and research. A Bachelor of Social Work degree prepares students for entry-level professional practice in social work. Graduates are eligible for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

  • Students who qualify will be able to earn an honors degree within their two years in the United States as the honors program is incorporated into the final year of their degree.
  • The Field Education component of the program (approximately 30 weeks) links your theoretical knowledge with practical professional skills.


Department of American and Canadian Education


1+3, 1.5+2.5, 2+2

Entry Requirements

If you have any of the following qualifications, you can register for our next intake. Forecast results are acceptable.

  • SPM: 5 credits (including English) with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah
  • ‘O’ Level: 5 credits (including English)
  • Senior Middle 3 (UEC): 5 B’s
  • Equivalent qualification from other high schools: HELP’s ADP lets you start your degree right away and no need to take A-Levels or foundation.

* Note: If you are doing A-Levels, foundation or degree at any institution, you can still come to the HELP University’s ADP.


January 9, March 20, May 29, August 20