Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

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Course Overview
Bachelor's Degree
HELP Subang 2
3 years
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Course Overview

HELP University is proud to offer distinct pathways to attain a degree in Psychology. The primary pathway we offer is the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Programme, which can be completed fully at HELP University. Students, if they so choose, may also transfer credits to affiliated universities. The American Degree Program (ADP) is the other pathway that HELP offers for those seeking a degree in psychology. The ADP however, is a transfer programme and students are expected to transfer to universities after completing several years at HELP.


Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • HELP Foundation in Arts/Science: Pass all subjects (minimum of 4 Credits)
  • A-Levels: 1 C, 1 D
  • STPM: 2 Cs
  • UEC: 5 Bs
  • South Australian Matriculation: ATAR 65
  • Canadian Pre-U: Average 65 (6 subjects)
  • Foundation Programmes: Pass all subjects (minimum 50% Credits)
  • Diploma Programmes: Pass all subjects (minimum 30% Credits)

Local Programs have to be MQA-approved. The standard entry requirement of 3 SPM/O-Level Credits (including credits in 1 Math subject & 1 Science subject) still applies to all students. Malaysian students also have to attain a Pass in SPM Bahasa Melayu. Credit is equivalent to 60 out of 100 marks.

English Requirements

Applicants must have one of the following English requirements:

  • IELTS: 5.5
  • TOEFL: 550 paper-based (213 computer-based; 80 Internet-based)
  • MUET: Band 5
  • SPM: A for English (A1/A2 or A+/A/A-) “(not including SPM 1119)”
  • UEC: B for English
  • HELP Foundation in Arts/Science: Credit for either Intermediate English or Advanced English
  • South Australian Matriculation: 14/20 for English as a Second Language
  • Canadian Pre-U: 65 for ENG4U

Please note that the University standard entry requirement for degree is MUET Band 3, but the Department of Psychology requires MUET Band 5.


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