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HELP University Develops Future Business Leaders

HELP University’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics has constantly been on the forefront in developing the next generation of adaptable, creative problem solvers and socially responsible business leaders. HELP business graduates are molded into becoming ambitious, sharp-thinking leaders with diverse perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

The Faculty once again celebrated another year of success and academic excellence with its latest batch of graduates during HELP University’s 30th Convocation. One of the Faculty’s graduates, Ong Wu Sheng, a First Class Honours graduate with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, was a proud recipient of the President’s Award. The award is presented to graduates with the most outstanding academic achievements at the departmental level.  

Ong achieved 11As in his SPM and decided to pursue a Foundation in Arts programme at HELP’s Matriculation Centre. Upon completing his Foundation programme, he chose to pursue a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at HELP’s Business Faculty. During his course of study at HELP, he was awarded numerous awards for his consistent outstanding academic performances.

Ong was also one of the few chosen to represent the Faculty as a Business Student Ambassador in various events during his final year of studies with the Faculty. He was also the President of the Investment Club in the Faculty and has represented the University in various competitions at the national level. He graduated in April 2018 with a noted and prestigious distinction of being one of the 10 President’s Award winners.

“I chose to study the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) because it is particularly related to what I am doing right now. I am an Audit Associate at KPMG, so my studies fits my career,” said Ong. “In terms of knowledge, I would say that studying at HELP has definitely help geared me towards my current career goals. I also had plenty of opportunities to be more confident and to speak in public. My soft skills such as interpersonal communication have grown tremendously.”

When asked what advice he would give to those whom are still thinking of enrolling at HELP’s Business Faculty, Ong said that they should do it without hesitation because the Faculty is a clear choice as students are able to develop themselves at the university. He summed up his studying experiences at HELP as nothing short of fun, fruitful and memorable because of the relationships he had developed with his classmates and with his mentors.

The success of the President’s Award winner and the large number of business graduates are a testament to the high quality and standards of the Faculty. The Faculty is one of the largest business schools in the region with a 2500 strong undergraduate student cohort, and is renowned for its business, accounting, and financial programmes. HELP’s business graduates are well received by various industries and many are head hunted by multi-national companies within six months of graduation.

HELP’s Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Honours) degree is recognised by many international professional accounting bodies. Not all universities in this world despite their status, will have their accounting degrees received maximum exemptions or accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Certified Practising Accountant Australia (CPA Australia).

In other exciting areas of note, the Faculty has on countless occasions produced numerous outstanding graduates and students who obtain top scholarships from prestigious foreign universities. This year was no exception when seven of the Faculty’s business students were awarded the University of Queensland (UQ) scholarship for the February intake, a new record compared to last year’s three students.

The seven scholarship holders were Tong Boey, Yap Kung Jien, Chan Tze Hen, Mohammad Idri bin Abdul Rahim, Nasif Arefin, Lee Jong Min and Ok Juyeon. The last three were foreign students from Bangladesh and South Korea respectively. The scholarship allows them to receive up to a 100% waiver of tuition fees for their final year of studies at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, UQ.

Yap Kung Jien, a former student of Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur, is one of the UQ scholarship holders. The UQ scholarship is the most recent in his long line of academic achievements. He has scored 7As in both his UEC and SPM examinations and is also a recipient of the Chong Hwa-HELP University Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Honours) degree at HELP University.

“I find the Accounting programme at HELP to be remarkable and valuable as it has broadened my knowledge and vision. The lecturers, especially Mr Steven Toh and Ms Liew Huey Min have been most helpful and friendly, and I would like to express my gratitude to them for their guidance,” said Yap.

Yap is currently pursuing an Accounting and Finance degree at UQ. “The scholarship granted to me will greatly reduce the financial burden of my family, allowing me to invest in myself to pursue a master degree programme in the future. I plan to become a Partner in one of the Big 4 accounting firms.”

HELP has always been steadfast in maintaining its long tradition of producing outstanding students and serves as a gateway to top Australian universities such as UQ, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, Macquarie University and many more.

In 2017, out of 80 business students who went to UQ, seven were awarded scholarships. HELP University is the only university in the world to have a 2+1 articulation programme with UQ, a member of the Group of 8 Universities (Go8) in Australia, a coalition of world-leading research intensive Australian universities.

HELP’s Business programmes are offered in the Subang 2 campus, as well as in the Damansara Heights campus. For more information on HELP University’s Business programmes, please visit our website or call us at 03-2716 2000.

Image below shows Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong conferred the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree to HELP's President's Award winner, Ong Wu Sheng at the HELP University 30th Convocation.

HELP’s Communication Students Develop Industry-Ready Skills

This year, the Faculty of Communication kicked off its third HELP Film Festival with a lineup of Malaysian-themed short films produced by its own students. The event was held during HELP University’s Open Day and the Faculty of Communication’s Communication Day, and was led by an organising team of HELP’s Communication students.

Students were given the overall theme of “Being Malaysian” as their inspiration to produce their short films. This was to encourage and to promote social integration in a diverse nation through the art of film-making.

“To keep in mind, students who make these videos do not have much experience in this field, but they are making something genuinely from their heart. Something that has been there with them all the while and that something is being Malaysian and feeling like one’’, explained Kamila Suren, President of the HELP Film Festival 2018.

The HELP Film Festival is a platform created as a tribute to independent arts by the members of the Creative Productions Society (CPS) since 2014. The purpose of the event was to provide students the opportunity to showcase their films to a wide audience and to nurture them in exploring their talents in film-making.

“We stopped [the HELP Film Festival] for a while, but now we’re going to continue doing it. I really appreciate the hard work that was put in by Kamila and the committee members for making this event a success,” said Dr Khairuddin Othman, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at HELP University.

“I want to make this a signature event, an annual event, for our faculty. Our HELP Film Festival will be incorporated into our Communication Day. So every time we have the Communication Day, once a year, we will also organise the HELP Film Festival. As for the committee and lecturers involved, I am pleased that they were able to motivate so many of our students.”

The short films selected for the festival represented the best of the department and were chosen by a panel of judges, which consisted of Hakim Amir, Leroy Choong and Gerard Benedict, who are industry experts in media and film. The judges decided on their top three choices, as well as for categories such as Best Visual Effects, Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Best Director.

It is through events like the HELP Film Festival where Communication students are given an opportunity to display their work and put into practice the skills they attained from their classes. The faculty has also recently invited esteemed guest speakers to deliver some engaging talks to its Communication students.

Professor Peter Thomas, a Mass Communications Programme Leader from Hertfordshire University, UK, delivered a talk on “Digital Transformative Cultures - some influences and affects”. He shared how new media is changing the way we live, and highlighted how social media platforms are impacting the choices we make and how our sense of self is being extended by our reach across various digital entities.

Dr Eric Loo, an Honorary Senior Fellow (Journalism) at the University of Wollongong, Australia, talked about editorial design and news reporting. Students who attended the talk were able to hear from an expert like Dr Eric Loo on journalism skills that would be useful in the future.

The Faculty of Communication at HELP University aims to instill in its students an understanding of the process and practices of mass communication. With the rise of new media, the faculty is at the forefront of equipping its students with the relevant skills and teaching them the functions and digital technologies that evolve in a culture of innovation and communication technology.

The HELP Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Degree programmes in Marketing Communication, Media Studies and Public Relations offer students a three-year honours programme that emphasises the practical applications in contemporary communication settings and an interconnected world.

These programmes will prepare students through specialised course subjects related to their field of study, allowing students to build a balanced portfolio of communication theory, research and practice. Students will also be taught and led by lecturers, who are industry experts themselves, in an environment where they can learn theories and strategies beyond the classroom.

The Faculty of Communication also provides opportunities for students to apply the principles and skills learned through the practical training of an internship. There, students will be able to demonstrate competency under the guidance of a specialist in the field of communication and be groomed for a career in communication.

For more information on HELP University’s Bachelor of Communication programmes, contact 03-2716 2000 to speak to a counselor or visit to learn more.

Image below shows the top three winners of the HELP Film Festival 2018 with the panel of judges and lecturers from the Faculty of Communication.

Exploring the Human Mind at HELP’s Psychology School Convention

In light of the many exciting and rapid developments taking place as part of the 4th industrial revolution, the field of psychology has emerged as one of the fundamental drivers of these changes

The Psychology School Convention, held annually at HELP’s Subang 2 campus explores how various aspects of psychology, including Neuropsychology, Forensic (profiling criminals) and also Cognitive Psychology are shaping the way we think, work and live in the age of 4IR. The event, which is free of charge, draws close to 1000 students every year from over 50 schools in the Klang Valley, Johor, Kuantan, Penang and Malacca.

The one day convention helps secondary school students experience psychology in a fun and interactive way through escape rooms, virtual reality demonstrations, experiential booths and workshops on current topics like online predators, anxiety disorders, managing stress, studying smart, bullying, music therapy and cyber addictions.

HELP University Faculty of Behavioural Science Dean, Dr Goh Chee Leong said psychology can provide solutions to address most of the major challenges faced by society.

“Psychology, through its scientific understanding of people, can present ideas that bring understanding, unity, peace, success, innovation and productivity, elements that can help Malaysia progress further,” he said.

To kickstart the Convention, Dr Goh, who is also the first Malaysian elected to the EXCO of the International Union of Psychological Science, began with a rousing keynote speech, discussing potential careers in psychology and surprised the audience with the abundance of careers in psychology and related careers.

Dr Choy Tsee Leng the resident neuro scientist at HELP spoke about the functions and design of our brains, explaining how different parts of the brain work and what happens to us when specific brain structures are damaged.

Dr Eugene Tee, whose academic expertise focuses on human emotions, laid out the basic spectrum of emotions that people experience, such as anger, happiness, surprise, disgust, sadness, and fear. While these emotions are independent of each other, they can also be experienced at the same time, thus forming more complex or secondary emotions, such as anticipation, gratitude, shame, and even jealousy.

Elaine Fernandez, the current Head of the Department of Psychology, and a former graduate and valedictorian of the HELP Psychology programme, spoke on the topic of social psychology and how individuals relate to one another, how we deal with love and relationships, how beliefs and groups are formed, and how opposing groups deal with each other.

HELP’s Psychology Challenge saw the participation of around 30 schools, engaged in answering questions related to psychology. The event culminated with SMK Kota Kemuning emerging the winner, and student Ng Han Xiang walking away with a full scholarship worth RM 90,000.

This year, The Psychology School Convention will be held on July 28th, 2018, and will focus on how Psychology is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution in areas like Virtual Reality research and neuropsychology experiments.

Students can also join HELP's Psychology Challenge, to win the grand prize of a scholarship that will cover HELP's Foundation programme and the 3 year Bachelor of Psychology degree programme in full.

Secondary school students from Form 3 and above can register directly for this event.

For more information and enquiries on this year’s Psychology Convention, please contact

The Department of Psychology at HELP offers undergraduate Psychology programs, such as the Bachelor of Psychology and Flinders-HELP Joint Degree programs. There are 3 intakes per year – January, May, and August. The Orientation Day for next intake will occur on May 16th – 18th. Interested applicants who have completed their pre-university may contact Mr Joshua Yap at

For Masters programmes, the Department of Psychology also offers the Masters in Counselling, and the Master of Clinical Psychology programme.

Image below shows eager secondary schools students participating in the Psychology Convention at HELP University’s Subang 2 Campus.

HELP University Pioneers Work-Based Learning For Its Bachelor of Information Technology Degree

The Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology in HELP University (HU) forges ahead with its plan to introduce new learning pathways in its latest Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) honours degree by incorporating 2 years at university and 1 year at industry (2U1i) work-based learning (WBL) component.

This new component, as part of the BIT degree, will involve one year of WBL where the BIT student will be placed in the industry and gain WBL experience while completing all the final year academic subjects at the same time. The schedule of classes will be tailor-made to fit the WBL programme to ensure a good balance for the HELP IT intern.

The subjects selected for the WBL component, according to Dr Sien Ven Yu, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology in HELP, will connect the HU classroom to real-world learning, thus allowing the student to learn the skills and knowledge needed for real-world careers.

“Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and whatever is taught in the classroom needs to be constantly updated to match industry standards. HELP University has chosen to connect the student directly with industry by providing the WBL option. For one year, the BIT intern will be based in the IT industry, while completing all their final year subjects, with lecturers regularly monitoring their progress,” said Dr Sien.

Philip Tan, Managing Director of Pilot Multimedia (M) Sdn Bhd and industry partner for the inaugural WBL programme in January 2018, said he felt this was the best way forward in terms of academia and also industry experience.

“The main reason I have undertaken this task is to ensure that students can build up on their soft skills such as project management, writing proposals and also in improving their written and communication skills. The BIT interns will be exposed to specialized software on building data warehouses, of which Pilot Multimedia is the pioneer. We have been in business for 25 years or more and have built a market niche in this area. We pioneered the first data warehouse for an overseas bank in 1993 and have developed specializations that will benefit BIT interns,” said Philip.

“Over the years, Pilot Multimedia developed a very advanced state-of-the-art credit risk storing system and with this type of pioneering and unique expertise, we are in a good position to train up those intending to do their WBL BIT degree programme with us,” said Philip.

Currently, the firm is recognized for its A-list of well-known and reputable clients such as world-class banks and companies and Philip believes that since his company is competing with the best, its success gives the company credibility and the niche software provides the BIT interns with an undeniable edge when dealing with top-notch clients.

The other advantage of WBL, according to Philip, is how students learn to transform business requirements into information technology solutions.

In terms of curriculum, Philip believes this is the best way forward as the learning is not just based on textbooks and theoretical aspects. Experiential learning means the BIT student can develop their initiative and therefore ask more questions. They will also learn how to diagnose problems and solve them.

In my view, Philip said, BIT students in the long term, will develop more depth and knowledge in how they deal with developing business solutions to fit their client’s needs.

Dr Sien said academic standards are not the only determining factor in ensuring the success of IT students but the development of their soft skills such as conflict management, problem-solving and teamwork are all attributes critical to the success of graduates in the workplace.

The pioneering BIT programme with the WBL component bridges the gap between industry and academia and will expose the BIT interns to the best of both worlds.


Members of Inner Temple Visit HELP University

The Faculty of Law and Government of HELP University has always prided itself for its long and established relationships with the law fraternity of Malaysia and the UK. Recently, members of The Honourable Society of Inner Temple, UK were invited to present a guest lecture to HELP University’s latest batch of UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law) students.

The honoured guests from Inner Temple included Mr David Pittaway QC, Treasurer (Judge), Mr Patrick Maddams, Subtreasurer and Mrs Jill Pittaway. Accompanying them was Ms Teoh Pui Mun, a committee member of Malaysian Inner Temple Alumni Association (MITAA), law practitioner and UKDTP alumnus of HELP University.

This guest lecture with Inner Temple and MITAA is an exemplary effort of the Faculty to introduce their new UKDTP students to members of the Inns of Court in London, allowing them to understand the profession better, gain exposure to their future and establish professional connections early in their law studies.

During the talk, Mr Pattiway and Mr Maddams shared their experience as young lawyers in law school and what it means to be part of an Inn of Court. “I was a graduate of Leeds and I am particularly pleased to see Leeds on the Faculty’s list of UK partner universities. They are all really excellent universities, and if you are thinking of a career in the Bar and particularly at Inner Temple, then any of those universities would be absolutely fine,” said Mr Maddams as he spoke about his experience at the University of Leeds.

“One of the special things of the Inns of Court is that our barristers and judges as our members very freely and willingly give their time to help you. I would describe a career of the Bar rather like this: you will have fantastic facilities, receive scholarships, have access to a world-class library, be able to meet judges and barristers, and experience pupillages – but we can’t do it for you.”

“Hence, one of the key things of becoming a barrister is to have a high level of self-determination and perseverance. We will help you every day each of the way, and that is why when you do start your careers and become successful, it is quite natural that you would want to help the next generation of barristers come through,” he added.

Mr Pattiway also shared about the history and concepts of the four Inns of Court to the students. “There are four Inns of Court in England – Middle Temple, Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn and Inner Temple, and they all occupy a small area of London around the Royal Court of Justice. They have very long histories and a historical association with that part of London. As far as the Middle Temple and Inner Temple are concerned, the barristers first came there in the 13th century when the Knights Templar were dissolved. And that is why we have a beautiful temple church and a historical estate which surrounds the church.”

Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court in London, which are professional associations for barristers and judges. Law students who wish to be called to the Bar in England and Wales must belong to one of the Inns. Inner Temple was established in the 14th century and serves as a professional body which provides legal training, selection and regulation for its members. It is governed by an elected Treasurer and a Council of Benchers.

Some of the eminent members who were attached to Inner Temple included Tunku Abdul Rahman, first Prime Minister of Malaysia; Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India; Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (also known as Mahatma Gandhi), Indian independence activist; George Grenville and Clement Richard Attlee, Prime Ministers of the UK, and W. S. Gilbert, an English dramatist.

“During my time in HELP, we learnt the important skills that are needed to be a barrister and to become a proper and ethical person. When I was in Liverpool, I joined Inner Temple and they had helped me a lot. However, you have to want to be involved as help is always available but you have to go and get it. The doors are always open but if you are too shy and keep yourself in the Malaysian circle even when you are in the UK, then you won’t be able to go very far.”

“I spent a lot of my time in the Inn and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to organise events as a student representative in Inner Temple. We combined the resources from different representatives from different universities and travelled around the country organising competitions. I was also given the opportunity to marshal with a judge in Birmingham and you get many privileges from the Inn. Like it or not, you need professional connections, whether you are in Malaysia or in the UK,” said Ms Teoh Pui Man, a HELP UKDTP alumnus who completed her law degree in the University of Liverpool on the 2+1 arrangement with HELP.

HELP University is one of the first private universities in Malaysia to introduce the UKDTP (Law), which has been recognised by prestigious and reputable universities in the UK. The Faculty has nine UK partner universities which are Cardiff University, University of the West of England, Bristol, Aberystwyth University, University of Liverpool, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, Northumbria University, University of Hertfordshire and University of Leeds.

To date, the Faculty has produced more than 60 law graduates with First Class Honours from top UK universities, and in 2017 alone, there has been 14 law graduates with First Class Honours.


International Study Trip to the University of Derby

HELP Academy (HA) teamed up with the University of Derby (UOD) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to organize the first International Study Trip to the UOD UK campus. Our Malaysian and international students spent a week at the University and completed the 1st Student Leadership Challenge sponsored by CMI.

The purpose of the trip was to provide a comprehensive yet enjoyable learning experience to our UOD students and has been identified as one of the main highlights in the DOMS departmental plan. A total of 37 students from UOD who are currently pursuing their BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance and BA (Hons) Business Management shared this experience with other University partners from London Business School (UK), Mediterranean College (Greece) and BAC – International Educational Pathway (Bangladesh).

After an interesting morning lecture on the topic of International Entrepreneurs on the second day of the trip, all of the students were welcomed by the Mayor of Derby, Councillor John Withby. He was also there to witness the 1st Student Leadership Challenge by CMI. The students were briefed on the CMI Student Leadership Challenge by Alexander Cowan Wright-Wright, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing. They were tasked with finding solutions to today’s companies’ productivity challenges and communicating with the stakeholders, as widely as possible via social media. After a series of training on social media and research ideas, students were divided into smaller working groups and started their CMI Challenge Research.

During the final day of the trip, the students presented their solutions back to a panel of judges made up of academics from UOD, CMI Staff and special business guest judges from manufacturing, logistics and consultancy specialists. HELP Academy proved its quality with 4 teams in the grand finale and secured the 1st CMI Student Leadership Challenge with a First, Second and Third Place Winner.

Besides participating in the Student Leadership Challenge, tours to the Rolls Royce Heritage Centre, EPM Technology and Derby Museum and Art Gallery were included. The group also visited Kedleston and the Buxton campus and were warmly welcomed by the respective campus staff.

Rasmit Singh, who is currently pursuing his BA (Honours) Business Management, said that the trip allowed him to meet counterparts in the UK as well as immersing himself in the UK student life. “The University of Derby is a beautiful, modern campus with excellent facilities and friendly staff in the city of Derby. Derby is also near major cities such as Manchester and London and a stone’s throw away from Nottingham and Birmingham, which meant that I was able to explore and see more of the UK.” .


HELP Students Win Prize For Their Safety On Streets (SOS) App

It was indeed a wonderful surprise for HELP students Nicole Kiew, Max Yong and James Lau when they won the grand prize of RM 5,000 for their Best Idea Award for the SOS Challenge under the Tune Group of Companies. Nicole and Max are currently pursuing the American Degree Program (ADP) while James is completing his A-levels. In addition to the grand prize of RM 5,000, the trio also received a one-year personal accident insurance and a three-month internship with Tune Protect.

The simple but effective navigation app, Tune Walk, allows pedestrians to be guided from Point A to Point B through the safest routes on foot. All pedestrian crossings, proper footpaths and high risk areas are highlighted to help pedestrians stay safe.

Tune Walk, according to Nicole, was designed to cover a variety of uses, which include assisting pedestrians and allowing users of the app and local municipal councils to update themselves on areas for improvements.

According to all three, they are avid users of public transport and initially thought the app would be useful to tourists who are facing difficulty in locating the easiest route to a given location.

“Pedestrians are really the most vulnerable group of people in comparison to those who drive cars. Being frequent pedestrians ourselves, we felt this was an app that was very important and relatable to people including tourists,” said James.

Nicole said she had joined many competitions and enjoyed the adrenalin rush it gave her and this was her biggest win so far.

The trio had to submit a video of the SOS app and while James produced the storyboard, the voiceover was done by Nicole, with James in charge of editing.

Dr Gerard Boey, Head of the Department for the American Degree Program (ADP) at HELP said ADP students were encouraged to use the 4Cs ie Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication in their studies and he was pleased that Nicole and Max had successfully won the grand prize in the Tune Group competition.

“We encourage ADP students to participate as much as possible in the classroom and to engage with other students in discussions and class assignments. The ADP system of studies is an interactive one and encourages participation rather than rote learning,” said Gerard.

The SOS Challenge was developed in partnership with the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), the Road Safety Department Malaysia (JKKR) and Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).


HELP Business Students Gain Entry to Top Australian Universities

Image Caption: (From left to right) Leong Fong Yin, Cheong Jie Yao, Yong An Win, Ng Boon Ho, Ng Qi Yuan, Woon Jie Xiong and Lee Sujin are the latest batch of HELP Business students who received the prestigious UQ scholarship.

HELP University has been paving inroads in Australian universities for many years and has always been steadfast in maintaining its long tradition of producing outstanding students who are awarded prestigious scholarships. It is also the only university in the world to have a 2+1 articulation programme with the University of Queensland (UQ), a member of the Group of 8 Universities (Go8) in Australia, a coalition of world-leading research intensive Australian universities.

The tradition of academic excellence continued when seven undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting (the Faculty) were awarded the UQ scholarship. The recipients will receive up to 100% waiver on their tuition fees and will be completing their final year undergraduate programme at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, UQ in July 2018.

The latest batch of scholarship recipients are Leong Fong Yin, Yong An Win, Ng Qi Yuan, Lee Sujin, Woon Jie Xiong, Ng Boon Ho and Cheong Jie Yao. Leong Fong Yin, an alumna of SMK Damansara Jaya, is no stranger to academic excellence, having scored 4A* for her A-levels. She was awarded the HELP Distinction and Merit Award to continue her Bachelor of Business (Accounting) programme at HELP.

Another UQ scholarship recipient is Yong An Win, also an alumna of SMK Damansara Jaya who achieved straight As in SPM and 3As and 1B in the A-levels programme. She also received the HELP Distinction and Merit Award and numerous book prizes for her scholastic achievements at HELP. She has participated in the CIMB Stock Challenge in 2017 and was a committee member of the First Year Anniversary Party at HELP Subang 2.

The Faculty has also recently celebrated other sterling academic performance. One of its business students, Ng Chun Ping was awarded the prestigious Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship – HELP University Elite worth approximately RM100, 000 for his final year of Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at Macquarie University. Ng, an alumnus of Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur was awarded a 100% Tuition Waiver Scholarship under the Chong Hwa-HELP University Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Business (Finance) programme at HELP.

Apart from providing its students with high quality education and opportunities, the Faculty also seeks to ensure that its students are trained in skills that will prepare them for the working world. To that effort, the Faculty has recently introduced a Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics, a compulsory module for all their students. The module is designed to equip students with the use of tools and techniques of Business Analytics to build capability and manpower competencies for the Data Economy and Digital Free Trade Zone.

HELP’s Business programmes are offered at the Subang 2 and Damansara Heights campuses. For more information on HELP University’s Business programmes, please visit our website or call us at 03-2716 2000.

HELP University: Driving Passion and Success in Communications

Hiew Kar Yee
Hiew Kar Yee graduated from HELP University with a Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Public Relations and was selected as a President’s Award recipient at HELP’s 30th Convocation this year.

HELP University celebrated its batch of graduating students during its 30th Convocation this past April. With another year of success and academic excellence, the President’s Award was presented to HELP graduates with the most outstanding academic achievements at the departmental level. Among the ten graduates who were honoured with the prestigious award at this year’s ceremony is Hiew Kar Yee, a First Class Honours graduate with a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations.

Hailed from Tawau, Sabah, Hiew followed her sister’s footsteps and decided to pursue her degree at HELP University. Her decision to enroll in the Faculty of Communication’s Public Relation programme was easy as she describes herself as a people person with an outgoing personality and is confident that communications is the right fit for her.

“I definitely think that the best parts of HELP are the lecturers and the people here. The lecturers from the Communication Department, they don’t spoon-feed us. They teach us as facilitators and make our lectures more interesting through storytelling and discussions.”

The Faculty of Communication staff and lecturers were all chosen based on their academic performance as well as working experiences. By having industry experts lead and facilitate classes, students will be able to tap into their knowledge of the industry allowing them to be successful in the various fields including video production, radio, journalism, social media, advertising, and public relations.

This ensures that students gain professional growth and personal enrichment. The faculty continuously evaluates and updates its courses so that they stay current and relevant to the evolving professional and personal needs of the students, and fulfils the expectations of the industry.

Students from the Faculty of Communication at HELP will also be able to participate in the many clubs and societies within the faculty that could develop and apply the skills and knowledge they learn through their classes. Among them are the BComm Voice Student Council, Radio Club, the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA) at HELP and the Creative Productions Society. These associations and organisations help students build their skills in their preferred field and provides them with an opportunity to foster good relationships with peers and industry professionals.

The Faculty of Communication at HELP University aims to provide in its students an understanding of the practices of mass communication. With the rise of new media, the faculty is at the forefront of equipping its students with the relevant skills and teaching about digital technologies that evolve in a culture of innovation and communication technology.

The HELP Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Degree programmes in Marketing Communication, Media Studies and Public Relations, offer students a three-year honours programme that emphasises the practical applications in a contemporary communication setting. Its syllabus provides sufficient subjects in the specialisation and assures prospective employers that the students are prepared to fit into their future careers.

The Faculty of Communication also offers a Diploma in Communication where students are taught the basic foundations in critical thinking and creativity. Students will be able to explore a wide career scope through multiple communication disciplines such as journalism, filmmaking, design, public relations and marketing communication. Upon completion of the diploma programme, a pathway to HELP’s Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programmes are available to students, thereby shortening the duration of the student's bachelor studies.

These programmes will prepare students through specialised course subjects related to their field of study, allowing them to build a balanced portfolio of communication theory, research and practice. Students will also be taught and led by lecturers and guest speakers, who are industry experts themselves, in an environment where they can learn theories and strategies beyond the classroom.

For more information on HELP University’s Diploma and Bachelor of Communication programmes, contact 03-2716 2000 to speak to a counselor or visit to learn more.


The Voice of Early Childhood Education

HELP University’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECE) and Diploma of Early Childhood Education (DECE) are highly sought after programmes for those interested in pursuing a career in working with children. It is the professional preparation for early childhood educators and carers. Two of HELP University’s recent Edu-Carers graduates, Rachel Tee Shao Yen and Denise Duar Xia Shing shared their experiences studying in the ECE Programme at HELP University.

Rachel Tee Shao Yen, 2018 HELP University graduate with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, First Class Honours.

“I chose to study at HELP University’s ECE because at the time of entry, there were not many universities offering the ECE programme and after some research, I found out that HELP University’s ECE programme is among the better ones around. That was the main reason why I chose HELP” said Rachel.

According to Rachel, what she enjoyed most about working with children during her practicum was seeing the joy on children’s faces while she taught them. She was very much encouraged to move forward in the field when she saw how motivated the children were with every lesson they had with her.

“In my personal opinion, a successful preschool teacher would be one who is able to make an impact in a child’s life holistically, and ensuring that all children are ready for their future undertaking,” she added.

Denise Duar Xia Shing, 2016 HELP University Convocation Valedictorian, BECE (First Class Honors)

Denise Duar always wanted to be an educator from a young age, and she chose to study in HELP University’s ECE programme in 2011. “I came across information about ECE in HELP University, which convinced me that HELP University is the university that will equip me with the knowledge and experience that I will need as an educator.” said Denise.

 “The lecturers,” Denise added, “were like mentors to me. They’ve never turned me away whenever I had doubts or trouble with subject matters. They have always been most supportive and patient in guiding the students and I am extremely thankful for that.”

Denise found that the most rewarding thing about working with children, especially during her practicum, would be witnessing any form of development or growth in them, however minimal or gradual. “It is always a good and satisfying feeling when I am able to make a difference using the best of my abilities.”

About the HELP University ECE programme

For more information on HELP’s ECE programme, visit or call Nisha Naidu, (Assistant Manager, Faculty of Education & Languages) at  03-2711 2000 ext 2012 or  Punitha Ganesan, Programme Coordinator (Early Childhood Education) Department of Education, Faculty of Education & Languages at 03-2711 2000 ext 2011

Captions of the images below:

Image 01: Rachel Tee during her ECE practicum in a preschool.
Image 02: Denise Duar at a pre-school during her internship session.

The Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Abdul Malek Law Students’ Conference 2018: Law in an Era of Change: Legal Challenges Facing the Nation State

The Law Society, under HELP University’s Faculty of Law and Government organized the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Abdul Malek Law Students’ Conference 2018 on March 31, 2018, at HELP Subang2 campus. The aim of organizing this conference was to serve and act as a national platform for undergraduates, postgraduates and legal researchers reading law in Malaysian universities to engage in critical issues that are fundamental to both the rule of law and the legal system in Malaysia. The conference provided a national platform for legal researchers at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to share their research and contribution to legal discourse. Hence, the theme of the conference, “Law in an Era of Change: Legal Challenges facing the Nation State”.

The law students’ conference was named after the late Tan Sri Dr Abdul Malek Ahmad, who was the former president of the Court of Appeal. His Lordship was a man who placed great importance on upholding the rule of law, justice and fairness – values that must resonate strongly in the nurturing of those who have embarked on the reading of the law. Additionally, this honour also serves to introduce His Lordship as a role model to a generation of young legal scholars.

More than 150 student delegates from HELP University, and, both public and private universities and colleges attended the conference. In excess of 50 guests of the university and the faculty attended the opening ceremony and keynote speech – comprising of the family of the late Tan Sri, the faculty alumni, industry partners, as well as representatives from the conference affiliates - SUHAKAM and Lexis Nexis

Professor Khong Kim Hoong (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic, HELP University) gave the Welcome Address to the attendees and VIPs at the conference, after which, Dato’ KC Vohrah (Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia), Adjunct Professor of HELP’s Faculty of Law & Government and Conference Advisor, presented his Opening Remarks, where he gave a touching ode to his dear departed friend, the late Tan Sri, praising him as “the Chief Justice we never had.”

The highlight of the conference was the motivating and erudite keynote speech, “Challenges for the next generation: The Lawyer and Constitutionalism”, by Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram on the role of lawyers and constitutionalism. Critical, insightful, learned and a true legal intellect, Datuk Seri set the conference in the right direction in reminding our young law scholars the importance in upholding the constitutional principles of our supreme law and the rule of law.

SUHAKAM commandeered the second session during the conference to talk about, “Human Rights in Malaysia: Facing the Challenges”. The session was presented by Dato' Mah Weng Kwai (Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia), Adjunct Professor of HELP’s Faculty of Law & Government & SUHAKAM Commissioner.

The conference with its theme on the law in an era of change seemed very timely indeed and sits well with the newborn Malaysia post GE 14. The papers presented by students from HELP, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Multimedia University, ATC and Universiti Malaya were very well researched and the students presented their thoughts and ideas in an articulate manner.  HELP University offers two law programmes.  The first is its own home-grown LLB programme known as the HELP Bachelor of Laws (Honours) which can be completed entirely at HELP University. Graduates who complete the HELP LLB degree will be granted the opportunity to enrol in selected postgraduate Master’s programmes at the ELM Graduate School.

The second is the UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law), which enables students to pursue a prestigious law degree at HELP University recognized for transfer to leading partner universities in the United Kingdom. Our prestigious UK partner universities include the University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Leeds, Cardiff University, University of Liverpool, Aberystwyth University, University of the West of England, Bristol, Northumbria University and the University of Hertfordshire.

For more information on HELP’s Law programmes and degree pathways, visit or call 03-2716 2000 to speak to one of our guidance counselors today.

Captions of the following images:

Photo 1: Dato’ KC Vohrah (Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia), Adjunct Professor of HELP’s Faculty of Law & Government and Conference Advisor, presenting his Opening Remarks during the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Abdul Malek Law Students Conference 2018.
Photo 2: Retired Judge of the Federal Court, Malaysia, Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram delivering the keynote speech on “Challenges for the next generation: The Lawyer and Constitutionalism”.
Photo 3: Dato' Mah Weng Kwai (Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia), Adjunct Professor of HELP’s Faculty of Law & Government & SUHAKAM Commissioner, presenting the session on Human Rights in Malaysia: Facing the Challenges.

Celebrating American Day with Fun and Charity

HELP’s ADP Faculty with children from Lotus Charity Care Centre and
the Young Choral Academy.

Shah Alam, Selangor, 21 July – American Day, an event that was organized by the American Degree Program (ADP) department at HELP University, was held at HELP International School. It was a fun-filled day for the students, children and their families. The department planned to raise funds for two homes in Klang Valley, Lotus Charity Care Centre and Shelter Home.

Lotus Charity Care Centre is a multi-ethnic home providing assistance and shelter to old folks and children who were abandoned by their families. Shelter Home provides protection by being involved in rescuing and sheltering children who went through the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, extreme neglect, being abandoned and became victim or witness of domestic violence. The proceeds of the funds will go to the upkeep maintenance of both of these homes.

In an effort to support Lotus Charity Care Centre and Shelter Home, a Charity Carnival with vendors, food trucks, games and activities, and a concert was held at HELP International School. Several local artists performed at the concert including Megat Rahim, Nasty Rock Crew, Yazmin Aziz, Aqeesha Aleeya, Harissa, DJ Yusef Kiffah, Meliso, Mia Lateefa, Atif Zul, Maisarah Ukelele and the Young Choral Academy.

The sponsors of the event were Starbucks, Saturna, Arrouha, Lexis Hotel Group, Thomson Hospital, BeeGood Music, Air Nippon Airways, Suara Academy and HELP International School. The “HELP People” t-shirts that were used for the event was also a movement started by James Noto, a digital designer, speaker and martial arts trainer from Brooklyn, New York, who advocates against bullying through arts and fitness. He also gives safety seminars to children and women.

“We are very grateful for all the kind people who donated to help our cause. We believe that we can make an impact in the kids' lives and this, even if it’s just something small, would help us tremendously. And on top of that, the kids had a lot of fun watching the performances and playing the games at the booths, ” said Sarah Thomas, who runs the whole facility of Lotus Charity Care Centre.

The day started with HELP’s ADP department’s annual American Discovery and Pathway (ADP) Race where secondary schools across Klang Valley competed for the grand prize. The race is based on “The Amazing Race” and aims to tap into the students’ problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and teamwork.

“Today is a day of fun and at the American Degree Program, it’s all about studying in a fun way. That’s one of the best things about the American education system because it gives you that flexibility and freedom to explore yourself through your studies,” said Dr Khong Kim Hoong, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at HELP University, in his opening speech before kicking off the ADP Race.

The champion team of the ADP Race was the team from Ivory Training Academy, followed by the team from SMK Seri Hartamas and SMK Bukit Jelutong. The winning teams were presented with cash prizes for their participation and achievement in the race.

“The American Day event was a success, and the Charity Fundraising Concert managed to raise needed funds for Lotus Charity Care Centre and Shelter Home,” said Dr Gerard Boey Kong Hoong, the Head of Department of the American Degree Program at HELP.

“In addition, school students who participated in the American Discovery & Pathway Race had a day of fun-filled educational activities and challenges. Congratulations to Ivory Training Academy for coming out champions for this year’s amazing race.”