Christopher Chan Zhi Keat

Foundation in Science

Christopher studied Foundation in Science at HELP University

How did I choose my course? 

Since my time in secondary school, I have always been interested in science, particularly biology. So I decided that I would like to work in the health science industry in the future.

What is my course like? 

I am currently in my final year of the Foundation in Science programme at HELP. I would say that this course is comprehensive enough for me to gain basic knowledge about the different sciences. I believe that this would prepare me for when I continue to pursue my degree.

What are the best bits about my course?

One of my favourite bits about studying science-related subjects are the lab sessions. I enjoy conducting experiments and finding out the results of a certain experiment. It is a good way to understand the subject better because we get to try the experiments ourselves and apply what we learnt in class to them. It makes learning a lot of fun and interactive for me.

What are my challenges? 

I would say that the workload in the Foundation in Science programme is one big challenge. I tend to get overwhelmed with juggling assignments, examinations and other social activities that I'm involved in. Therefore, I try to manage my time properly by setting priorities to important tasks so that I can find a balance between my studies and for other recreational and social activities.

What extra-curricular activities do I participate in? 

When I'm not studying, I serve and play the guitar for the worship team in my church.

What is my advice for students interested in taking up this course?

Do not procrastinate. There are times when you feel lazy and not in the mood to finish up your homework assignments but don't give up. Try your best to feel motivated enough to complete your work. Giving yourself goals to work towards helps as well. Be sure to always finish your assignments and homework on time, but don't forget to relax once in a while.

What am I looking forward to?

After finishing up my degree, my immediate plans would be to find a job in a place that would provide me with much experience. I hope to pursue a career in Health Science and become a successful health practitioner in the future. I feel that my desired career could play an important role in society as there are many people who suffer from health issues, especially as they grow older and weaker. This is something that I feel particularly burdened with and I would like to contribute in that aspect.