Junny Ei Mon That

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Hospitality Management

Junny studied Bachelor of Business (Hons) Hospitality Management

Five-star dream

Choosing my course

I have a dream to work as a general manager in a five-star hotel. I chose this course because I believe that this degree and the knowledge that I will acquire during the course will support my dream and make it become a reality. Fortunately, I also received a scholarship to complete my studies and I appreciate the additional financial aid.

My course

A large part of the course covers the business aspect. The other half focuses on hospitality, especially on hotel management. The main challenge of my course is to complete both the business and management aspects well.

The best bits about my course

The best part of my course is the practical aspect. In order to graduate, I have to complete an internship at a hotel. That experience was a steep learning curve and I picked up many real skills along the way. During my internship, I faced and handled the realities of hotel management operations.

My challenges 

Some of the challenges I faced as a student was organising school events and leading my classmates to participate in those events.

Extra-curricular activities 

I participated actively in a lot of activities from trekking up Broga Hill to visiting heritage buildings and also during World Tourism Day.

Looking ahead 

I would like to be part of a five-star hotel, preferably working in their sales and marketing department.

My advice 

Students must know what they want to do in the future and really love that line of work before choosing to study a particular course. Without passion, study life is going to be stressful and it will be just a waste of time.