Zachary Ong Lee Jin

Zachary Ong Lee Jin

Foundation in Arts

Zachary Ong Lee Jin studies Foundation in Arts at HELP University

Why did you choose to study A-Levels/ Foundation/Diploma/Matriculation?

After much thoughts, I decided to enrol in a Foundation course. I chose Foundation because it provides a quick path to an undergraduate programme as compared with A-Levels or Diploma. Additionally, the curriculum involves 50% examinations and 50% coursework which is a wellbalanced syllabus, especially since I enjoy coursework.

How did you decide on your course?

Being a person who finds interest in areas like communication, business and leadership Foundation in Arts was an easy choice and one that I don’t regret. The wide variety of subject caught my attention as I always seek to learn new things and develop new skills. I then knew that I would thrive in this course.

How was your institution affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

As a September 2020 intake student during the RMCO, I had the privilege of commencing my classes on campus! This was a great opportunity to connect with people and see new faces even if they were half-covered by a mask. The camaraderie was forged and memories made during the short three weeks of physical classes before everyone was abruptly scattered into cyberspace due to
reimposed lockdowns.

How did you manage to study for your pre-u despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

I’ve learned to adapt and persevere despite the situation. Yes, online classes are challenging. Everyone seemed disconnected and distant. However, as online studies continued, I began to realise that there are significant benefits of studying from home. First off, without needing to travel to and fro to college and being at home throughout the day, I had ample time to complete my assignments. The situation forced me to be focused on my work and commitments.

What made you decide to continue your pre-u studies during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I was determined to not let the pandemic hinder me from achieving my best in my pursuits and education. Indeed, the pandemic hurls many undesirable circumstances that threaten to dampen our spirits, and these circumstances are out of our control, but we can decide how to respond to the pandemic. Instead of wallowing in the unfortunate circumstance, I remained resolute to make the most out of my time in college. I chose to respond in perseverance in my pre-u studies through the difficulties of virtual learning.