Ruth Ong Peck Chin

Early Childhood Education

Ruth studied Early Childhood Education at Institut CECE.

About My University /College

Where is your favourite hangout on campus, and why?
My favorite hangout on campus is the computer room. It is quiet and comfortable for me to focus on my assignments.

Where did you first find out about the college you are attending now? 
I first found out the college that I am attending now from the advisor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

My favourite homework assignment in college so far 
My favorite assignment in Institut CECE so far was the community service. We went to an orphanage to play some games, provide some daily supplies and express our love for the children there.

About My Course

How did I choose my course?
Before I was sure about studying in Institut CECE, my mother told me that I was a patient person and that I already had a few experiences working with children. The most important thing, she added, was that an early childhood educator contributes to society. Hence, I decided to study in Institut CECE after I compared the fees and location.

What is my course like?
The course that I had selected – Diploma in Early Childhood Education – teaches and prepares us with knowledge, skills and the ability to become a professional early childhood educator. For example, we studied children’s developmental milestones to plan activities based on their abilities.

What are the best bits about my course? 
The parts that I enjoy the most are the presentations. I love to express my ideas on learning activities to my classmates and also love learning from them as well.

What are my challenges? 
The greatest challenge for me as a student throughout these three years is studying and working at the same time. It is a very tough time for me. But now I can finish my work and assignments on time with my own notes, which help me remember the things I need to do to. I ensure that I have done everything on the list before I go to sleep each night.

What extra-curricular activities do I participate in?
I teach dancing every night at different places, and learn dancing every Saturday. I also go to Sunday school at my church every Sunday.

What am I looking forward to? 
I will further my studies to the degree level in UTAR and I hope to continue my studies to the Master’s level after I complete my degree course. I will also continue working to gain more experience in teaching and keep myself up-to-date by attending more talks, camps and forums.

What is my advice for students interested in taking up this course?
First, you have to be ready to study hard during the first semester itself, because it’s hard to pick up the knowledge (and marks) after that semester. Besides that, be brave to ask questions to your lecturer, and present and discuss your ideas with your friends so that you can really learn something from them. You will not learn if you never ask questions or share your knowledge.