Khairul Hazwan


Khairul studied MBBS at International Medical University (IMU).

Betterment of lives

My favourite hangout on campus is the student council room. As the Social Concerns representative, I like to be in the office in case there is work to be done or if someone tries to look for me. Also, it’s a nice quiet place to study.

Where did you first find out about the university you are attending now? I had a family friend who had attended this school, and my family and I decided it was a good idea to give this school a shot since the Partner Medical School (PMS) programme was appealing.

My favourite homework project in university so far was a community-oriented project that we had to do at the end of our first year. We visited a kindergarten and gave a three-day workshop on general health and hygiene.

Choosing my course 
It was a difficult choice because I would be leaving my native country and immersing myself in a different culture (even though Singaporean and Malaysian cultures are very similar). But overall I made the decision with the future in mind because this course allowed me to have a second chance at graduating from one of the best medical schools in the UK available to us through the PMS route.

My course 
My course has great lecturers who emphasise the need for constant self-learning and betterment throughout our lives. Countless times I have been reminded in lectures that the information in the lecture notes provided are just the tip of the iceberg and as students we should actively seek out new information.

The best bits about my course
I was deeply impressed by the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre when I first entered the university as they taught us clinical skills with the mindset of sending us to the partner medical schools and useful things that other medical schools won’t even touch ground until the third year.

My challenges 
The course is always a bit on the heavy side, with two or three lectures each day, on top of problem-based learning sessions and Medical Museum Sessions (MMS). As with every student, coping with studies is always challenging. It is important to study a little bit every day to keep on our toes and not fall behind on lectures.

Extra-curricular activities 
In my first year, I was in the university’s rugby team and played in a few tournaments. I also participated in the IMU Cup, an inter-house sporting event held annually. This was the highlight of my year as I had a lot of fun participating in many sports that I had never played before, such as frisbee, touch rugby and even cheerleading!

Looking ahead 
The beauty of studying overseas is that the future is uncertain and I don’t know if I would remain in the country, end up with a PMS or return to Singapore to work and be close to my family. One thing is for certain though; I am excited for what is in store for me in the long run.

My advice 
Medicine is a tough course to be in. You will have to sacrifice many things, so make sure you set a goal ahead of you and have the passion to persevere and continue on the difficult road ahead, knowing that in the end, it will be all worth it.