Fatemeh Khoshrov

Industrial Design

Fatemeh studied Industrial Design at Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

My favourite hangout on campus is the Industrial Design studio.

My favourite homework assignment/project in college/university so far was I love all the assignments and projects that I have done so far as they have helped me to understand designing better.

Choosing my course 
I chose Industrial Design because I want to be a competent designer who is able to develop innovative designs to suit human needs and improve the quality of living.

My course
The course covers designing in many fields such as transportation, communication products, furniture as well as electrical home appliances. What is taught in this course is very relevant to the needs of people and the industry. Therefore I believe this course prepares me well to face the work force in the future.

The best bits about my course 
I enjoy sketching as I can express my ideas and it helps to stimulate my creativity as well.

My challenges
Working for more than one project concurrently is my biggest challenge in MIA. So far I managed to complete all the tasks given and the best part is I am enjoying the adrenaline rush!

Extra-curricular activities 
My course mates and I recently went on a study trip to Taiwan in conjunction with the Taiwan Designers' Week. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I got to experience a completely different culture, not to mention the language and food. That was also the first time I spent so much time with my course mates and we got very close since then.

Looking ahead 
After graduating from MIA, I would like to further my studies in other countries. In future, I hope my designs can be used for the betterment of the needy and the community.

My advice 
Choose a course that you like and give it your best effort. Not to forget, it is also important to enrol in a place whereby you can fully unleash your creativity and talents.