Netanya Rasammany Thomas

Diploma in Music

Netanya studied Diploma in Music at Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

Melodic passion

Embarrassing moment in class? 
As a music student, singing is a major part in our studies. We would often sing in groups or individually. My embarrassing moment was when all in the class were singing together and I pitched a note wrongly with conviction. My classmates tried hard to hold back their laughter as this mishap happened right in the middle of our song.

Three things someone can always find in your bag?
First would probably be the minutes or planning sheets of our up and coming performances. MIA is very active in performances and many students are involved in the planning of these productions and performances. 

Second would be my stationery as every musician should be prepared to jot down notes during practice sessions. As our lecturer would say, 'a clean music sheet implies the score isn't analysed.' Music analysis helps a performer to understand the music, hence, enjoying it more.Third would definitely be my wallet because a girl needs to eat after singing for several hours a day.

Why did you choose this university?
After researching various local colleges, my parents and Idecided that our desired choice would be MIA. Firstly, MIA has a leading reputation for music enthusiasts, with strong presence in the industry for over 35 years. Further, MIA has strong links with universities and colleges overseas where graduates may advance to pursue a bachelor's degree through placements or credit transfer in UK, Australia, etc.

What impressed my parents most is that, MIA equips their students with a well-rounded music education and exposure to the music industry.

Rate your university (1 = poor, 5 = excellent):-

  • Location - 3
  • Campus Life - 4
  • Coursemates - 4
  • Lecturers/tutors - 5
  • Food - 5