Chong Chu Qiao

Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management

Chong studied Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management at Reliance College

About Me

What is the first thing you do after a big exam?   

The first thing I will do after a big exam is to cook or buy myself some good food such as pizza, spaghetti and so on as a reward for myself. For me, food is the best medicine to cure any sickness and tiredness.

What was your most memorable moment at university?

The most memorable moment at my college is during the lunch service time. In the lunch service, we were doing both Food and Beverage service and Food Production, whereby we need to go into the kitchen to cook for the guests. I found lunch service time is the one that I will remember it as the best memory during my diploma studies. This is because we were given tasks to handle by groups. Every week we were in different groups. With this as well, we got to bond a better relationship with all the classmates.

Name three things someone can always find in your bag/ backpack?

A small notepad and a pen, a small packet of oats cookies and a pair of earphones.

About My University /College

Why did you choose this university/college?

I chose Reliance College because Reliance Travel is a well-known company that provides travel packages and so on. It has many years of experience in this hospitality industry. Thus, with enough experience and background, I believe it can provide me a good study environment, study materials and training in order for me to have a good headstart in this industry. Moreover, Reliance College offered me a good course, where I can study both Hotel and Tourism Management together. This is what made this college special.

Where is your favourite hangout on campus, and why?

My favourite place to hangout would be the library. It has the books, materials and computers that I need for my studies. It is also always kept in a quiet environment, so I can focus on my work there.

If you could change one thing about your university/college, what would it be, and why?

I would hope that it would be bigger and have more facilities. For example, I hope to see more classrooms in the college, have more books in the library and have a student canteen in the campus.

Please rate your university/college on the factors below (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  • Location: 5
  • Campus Life: 5
  • Coursemates: 5
  • Lecturers/tutors: 5
  • Food: 4

About My Course

Who influenced you to choose this course?

No one influenced me to choose this course. I find that hospitality is a good industry that I would like to venture into in future. By studying this course, I will have more knowledge in this industry that will make me a different with the others.

What is the hardest subject/module in your course, and why?

The hardest subject in my course so far will be Business English. This is because there are many professional terms in the subject that I have never seen before – it is a brand new thing for me.

If you were given a second chance to choose a course, would you choose your current course again? Please explain.

I would still choose the current course again. I’ve wanted to study this course since secondary school. I want to know more about the hotel industry because of what a big organization it is. This is something that I find to be worth my time studying.