Kaysie Lim Kha Ching

Diploma in Event Management

Kaysie studied Diploma in Event Management at Reliance College

About Me

What is the first thing you do after a big exam?   

I will take a good rest, and make time for a nap since the exam was exhausting. Apart from that, a great movie to watch will help me to release stress.

What was your most memorable moment at university?

My most memorable moment in college was working hard with my friends on our assignment and presentation. I was just like ‘ants on my pants’ when I had to present in front of a big crowd.

Name three things someone can always find in your bag/backpack?

My basic cosmetics: lip balm, mirror and tissue.

About My University /College

Why did you choose this university/college?

I chose this college because it was recommended to me and I found the school fees to be reasonable.

Where is your favourite hangout on campus, and why?

I would say that the library is my favourite hangout because the environment is good. It is the best place for me to do my assignments and have discussions with my friends.

If you could change one thing about your university/college, what would it be, and why?

I would like a large campus with facilities such as a badminton court, a larger library, and a canteen for the students.

Please rate your university/college on the factors below (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  • Location: 5
  • Campus Life: 5
  • Coursemates: 5
  • Lecturers/tutors: 5
  • Food: 5

About My Course

Who influenced you to choose this course?

Family and friends influenced me to choose this course as they know that I want to become an event planner.

What is the hardest subject/module in your course, and why?

The hardest subject for me is Introduction to Management in my first semester. It’s all about theory and it is so hard to understand the content.

If you were given a second chance to choose a course, would you choose your current course again? Please explain.

Yes, I would definitely choose this course again. I have a passion for it. Without passion, I would not be able to overcome the bumps in the road and instead of triumph when all seems lost.