The Astro Scholarship Award

About The Astro Scholarship Award

Education can transform and inspire people to shape a greater future for themselves, their families, our community and ultimately our country. It is with this firm belief that we established the Astro Scholarship Award for high-achieving students looking to pursue their pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

At Astro, we aspire to empower our scholars to cultivate their dreams of pursuing excellence in education and to end with a bright future. It is for this very function that our scholarship recipients will not need to worry about their travel, living and studying expenses whether in Malaysia or abroad.

Financial assistance for pre-university / undergraduate studies at local and overseas institutions of learning

Special consideration will be given to applicants with total annual household income not more than RM 30,000


1)   Malaysian citizen

2)   Proven active participation in extra-curricular, social or voluntary activities

3)   Not bonded with any other companies / institutions (excluding PTPTN & JPA)

4)   Willing to be bonded with Astro

5)   Currently enrolled in or have obtained conditional / unconditional admission to pursue a pre-university / undergraduate programme

6)   Consistent and outstanding academic results

7)   The minimum academic results required for pre-university / foundation / diploma applications is:

  • SPM / O-Level - Min 8As

8)   The minimum academic results required for undergraduate applications are:

  • SPM / O-Level - Min 8As 


  • A-Level / STPM - Min 4As
  • Australian Matriculation - Min 90.0
  • Canadian Matriculation - Min 90.0
  • Local Matriculation - Min CGPA 3.7
  • Diploma - Min CGPA 3.7
  • Foundation - Min CGPA 3.7
  • ADP - Min CGPA 3.7
  • IB - Min 36
  • UEC - Max 5

9)   Certified medically fit by Astro’s panel doctors upon being shortlisted for the scholarship award

10)   Free from any criminal records and any serious misconduct in schools, institutions of learning or workplace

11)   Physically present in Malaysia to attend the required assessments in May / June

Field of Studies

  • Business and Economics
  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Actuarial Science, Data Analytics/Science, Statistics and Mathematics
  • Computers and Digital Technology
  • Engineering (Audio, Broadcast, Electrical, Electronics & System, Mechatronic, Telecommunication, Computer)
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics and Language Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Design
  • Law