Angel Koh Yue Ying

Foundation in Arts

Angel studied Foundation in Arts at SEGi University & Colleges

How was your transition from secondary school to university?

For me, the difference is that I had to adapt to a new environment as I really missed my hometown in Johor. When I was in secondary school, I wasn’t concerned about anything. Back then, my parents would send me to school but things are different now, I walk to my classes with my friends from our dorm as it is nearby. The biggest problem that my friends and I face is to decide where to eat! Because of this, I am also learning how to cook while in uni.

What did you do to prepare yourself for your pre-u education?

Before furthering my studies, I bought a laptop to ensure that I would be at the top of my game when it comes to assignments. I also prepared my stationeries like notebooks, pens, test pads, etc. Besides that, I also read some online articles to improve my English communication skills. I also prepared myself by downloading a lot of free grammar checker applications to improve my writing skills.

How did you decide on your course?

I had so many questions for myself, like what course am I interested in and is the course even suitable for me? I went to education fairs and did online research about the courses that I was interested in to gain more insight before making my decision.

What attracted you to study at your current institution?

The tuition fee for my course is very reasonable and the campus is very convenient as the MRT station is just behind the campus. Because of that, I can easily travel to One Utama, Ikea and even Pavilion. On top of that, our campus has the best facilities, like swimming pools, fitness room, basketball court, student lounge, squash court and more. All these facilities are open to SEGi students. We also have access to various kinds of food in our cafeteria.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will look for a job that suits my abilities to start earning money. I would like to work in a 5-star hotel to gain more experience. I’m also planning to continue my studies up to a master’s degree. So, I must study hard and be a proactive student in developing my skills and making sure I can pursue my dream career.