Siew Ying Er

Siew Ying Er

Diploma de Patisserie

Siew Ying Er studies Diploma de Patisserie at Sunway Le Cordon Bleu

Why did you choose to study diploma in Le Cordon Bleu?

As we know, diplomas focused on practical and industryspecific skills and knowledge to train us for the working world. As I choose to pursue a career in culinary arts, it requires more practical skills rather than academic knowledge. Therefore, diploma is the best option for me.

How did you decide on your course?

After completed my secondary school, I felt quite lost in life. One day, I watched a video of Chef Amaury Guichon making chocolate sculptures and desserts. His elegance and creativity in making the sculpture and desserts amazed me. I started to gather more information about him, and I came across with one of his quotes “You might not be the next superstar, but nobody needs to be a
superstar; you just need to be happy in your life and find what gets you there.” At that moment, I made up my mind that I wanted to be a pastry chef.

How was your institution affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Due to the nationwide lockdown imposed by the government, Le Cordon Bleu have changed our theory classes to online classes instead to comply with Ministry of Health (MOH) SOP. Other than our own online classes, Le Cordon Bleu also offered us the opportunity to attend the online classes that scheduled for other  culinary disciplines to keep us occupied. From the extra online
classes, I got the opportunity to gain extra knowledge.

How did you manage to study for your diploma program despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

Although not being on campus, I am still able to study by making different desserts at home. I have done many research and find the best way to make each dessert. Through this learning method, I get to be more prepared before I go back to the campus.

What made you decide to continue your diploma program studies during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It has been a frustrating time for me because it was my first year in university where I was looking forward to gain experience of the changes from high school to university and now we need to stay at home. However, my dream must continue, despite the pandemic. As I just graduated from secondary school, I have nothing to do
for now, so I should not waste the time by doing nothing during the pandemic situation.