Matthew Yap Way Gene

Matthew Yap Way Gene

Diploma in Digital Media Design

Matthew Yap Way Gene studies Diploma in Digital Media Design at The One Academy

Why did you choose to study A-Levels/Foundation/Diploma/Matriculation?

Knowing that I wanted to pursue the creative field, I felt that a Diploma programme would be more suitable as it could help me build my portfolio. I also liked that my institution gave us (the diploma students) the flexibility to switch majors during the second semester. As I was still uncertain about my major at that time, it was more of a safer route for me.

How did you decide on your course?

Initially I wanted to major in Animation like my cousin, my parents encouraged me to take on the same path as he was doing pretty well. Due to my uncertainty however, I didn’t want to major in something so specific. I liked that digital media design covers a variety of different medias, which was exactly what I needed as I wanted to keep my options open.

How was your institution affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

In terms of learning, our classes are now conducted online via Microsoft teams, which we already had our accounts set up prior to the pandemic. The classes go on as usual online, the only difference is that we’re now seeing each other through a screen. I’d say our lecturers did a great job in planning the lessons and ensuring the transition to an online platform was as smooth as

How did you manage to study for your pre-u despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

Not going to lie, it gets challenging on days when I need a face-to-face consultation or hands-on guidance from my lecturers. I guess I just had to remind myself to put my best foot forward regardless, by doing the assignments given to the best of my ability. It definitely
forces me to be more independent and plan ahead because of how uncertain the pandemic can be. Keeping in touch with my classmates and checking up on each other has really helped me, it feels really comforting knowing that we’re not dealing with this alone.

What made you decide to continue your pre-u studies during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To be fair, I am two semesters away from graduating and giving up at this point isn’t really an option. Regardless of how challenging the situation might be, the world doesn’t stop for anyone. I feel like learning to solve unpredictable challenges and problems is part of the college experience anyways. I’m hoping to come out of
this ‘speedbump’ as a more resourceful person.