Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dietetics

Application Dates
Course Overview
Bachelor's Degree
Tuition Fees
RM47,750 (Malaysian students)
Kampar Campus
4 years
Study Field


Faculty of Science (FSC)


January, May, October

Course Overview

Dietitians are trained professionals involved in managing diseases by providing appropriate dietary therapies. Dietitians are also involved in the prevention of diseases through health promotion and health education.

This profession invites an extensive variety of career possibilities. Dietitians work together with other healthcare professionals in health clinics, government/ private hospitals and food service industries to manage individuals with various diseas conditions.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dietetics is a 4-year programme consisting of 12 trimesters. The programme incorporates a wide-ranging scope of knowledge required for Dietetics practice; including biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, human nutrition, fundamentals of food preparation, the role of nutrition in disease prevention and treatment, and medical nutrition therapy for individuals with diseases.

There is emerging demand for dietitians in Malaysia and overseas. More dietitians are required to meet the desired ratio for the development of a healthy nation for the new millennium. Dietetics profession may be labelled as the "hidden gems" among the healthcare professions.