Chai Jian Mei

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English Language

Chai studied Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English Language at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Language Expert

Why did you choose this university?
I’d say that it all boils down to environmental factors. Being brought up in the urban area, the idea of pursuingmy tertiary education in a campus surrounded by nature (including reptiles such as monitor lizards and snakes) had never crossed my mind. But hey, I guess the cool part here is that we enjoy scaring each other by playing hide-and-seek games. Kampar may seem to be the most boring town ever to live in, but if you are a person who blends well with nature, this is your haven!

P/s: Kampar has the most majestic sunset ever!

Embarrassing moment in class?
There was once when I unusually acted like an ostrich (with my head going back and forth) and gave out a rooster-like laugh. Perplexed, the entire class went silent for a moment; with everybody staring at me before bursting into laughter (apparently one of my friends’ recorded a video of this and uploaded it on Facebook).

Would you do it again?
Well, I’d still opt for this course. Technically speaking, this course has provided me with a comprehensive overview of linguistics (I can even decipher the English IPA now), and I can’t deny that I have started to appreciate the beauty of language. Most importantly, this course wouldn’t have been thatf antastic without a bunch of ‘cakap kosong’ friends and diligent lecturers, who will always lend a hand to you whenever you need it.

Rate your university 
Location - 4
Campus Life - 4 
Coursemates - 5
Lecturers/tutors - 5
Food - 4