Cherrie Tan Phing Phing

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking & Finance

Cherrie studied Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking & Finance at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Do what you love

My favourite hangout on campus is IDK 1 Hallway, which is a serene place and close to nature. Besides, I also love to catch the sunset by the lake through the library window.  

My favourite homework project in university so far is my final year project. Although it is a very tedious assignment, working together for our research and seeing the results is a great accomplishment.

Choosing my course 
Initially, I wanted to study architecture but unfortunately my parents were reluctant about it. So, I decided to take banking and finance instead because the job opportunities are great. The banking and finance course offers two modules instead of one, which makes it diversified and gives me more flexibility in planning for my future.

My course
Through my learning process in UTAR, I have broadened my perspectives and skills, which will help me in my future career and life. I am also training myself to present my report well in front of an audience, and to work well in teams to accomplish assignments and my final year project.   

The best bits about my course 
One of the best bits about my course is that I get the opportunity to do presentations. I enjoy doing presentations because it makes me a more confident person. This course also allows me to interact with helpful friends and caring teachers, which really makes my academic life much more fun.

My challenges 
One problem that I face as a student is that the number of assignments due during the midterm exam week is just too high. Moreover, on same day, there might be more than one exam. However, with time management I am able to overcome this problem by reading up before lectures, revising after lectures, doing my tutorials before classes and also taking down my own notes. Yes, it is not easy. Thus, motivation and determination is a must!

Looking ahead 
I am planning to work in Singapore after I graduate. However, I will have to complete the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme soon. I also plan to pursue my Master’s after several years of working. The position that I hope to fill is financial research analyst. My goal is to have time for both my career and interests, which are the arts and music.

My advice 
The most important factor when it comes to choosing your course is interest. Naturally, if you have passion in a certain field, you will find the motivation to study harder and achieve better results. If you choose something that you do not like, it will only lead to struggles and suffering when you do not love what you learn.