Chia Yi Jing

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relation

Chia studied Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relation at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Passionate pursuit

First thing you do after a big exam?
Celebration of course, like finally the dreadful examination season is over! I would go for a big feast every single time to celebrate the end of a major exam. I love how food can make me happy and I always thought that treating my tummy to a delicious meal after an exam is a must.

Hardest subject to endure 
Communication Law. I don’t have interest in law because there are too many case studies to memorise for the exams. I can’t imagine myself as a lawyer, neither am I interested in remembering the cases which happened before. This is how I see things, ‘a subject is deemed as difficult because I lack interest in it’.

Embarrassing moment in class?
I can’t think of any during my university life. However, I remember vividly how embarrassed I was when I was in kindergarten. Every time when a new year comes, I would cry because I did not want to go to school. I was very famous for being the ‘cry baby’ back then, because I couldn’t stop crying whenever I entered the class as I really hated school that time.

Would you do it again? 
Indeed! People say ‘think twice before you act’; I guess I need not think twice if a second chance was given. I love venturing into the field of communication as there is so much to explore under public relations or even in other communication studies. When you have truly found your passion, you can never settle for anything less. Most importantly, you will find yourself enjoying the process of learning when you are doing something that you like. It took a lot of effort to truly discover what I like but it was definitely a worth-while discovery!