Goh Siew Huei

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking & Finance

Goh studied Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking and Finance at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Making decisions

My favourite hangout on campus is library.

Where did you first find out about the university you are attending now? Through an education fair at Mid Valley.

Choosing my course  
I chose banking and finance as my course because I wanted to ensure that I would fit into this field when I graduate. When I chose this course, I considered the knowledge that I would gain looking at its course structure. My mindset – that the banking and finance field is the safest career in the world – inspired me to take this course.

My course 
The banking and finance course is basically a platform that provides you with the knowledge about how the banking and finance sector works. When I graduate, I will be able to apply the knowledge that I have learnt in university to the real world.

The best bits about my course 
The one that I enjoy the most is learning about assets and liabilities. I learnt how a person can earn and lose in just a single decision and that it may determine a person’s wealth or destitution. In today’s world, everyone is struggling to make such decisions, and those decisions might change lives.

My challenges 
The challenges I face as a student is that I need to acquire more general knowledge about this sector, especially those that I won’t learn from a textbook. I deal with it by exposing myself to more current issues pertaining to this sector through the internet, financial magazines as well as during sharing sessions with seniors.

Extra-curricular activities 
I always organise and participate in events where I have to deal with huge amount of people from different backgrounds, characters and courses. Some of the events include fundraising, interaction day, prom night and camp. Participating in events outside of the university is almost learning how to invest from some investment company.

Looking ahead 
After my graduation, I hope to work in a bank or investment company for several years. After I have earned enough capital and been equipped with sufficient knowledge, I would like to set up my own investment company.

My advice 
My advice to those who are still struggling to choose their course would be to think wisely on the selection of courses and ask yourself if you would you really want to enrol in that particular field. This might be the decision that will change you entire life. So, choose well and go for it!