Lee Pei Xin

Foundation in Science

Lee studied Foundation in Science at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

My favourite hangout on campus is the library because it has a quiet environment. Whenever I have to do my homework and assignments, I will go to the library as I can easily focus on doing my work there.

Where did you first find out about the university you are attending now?

Family and friends.

My favourite project in university so far was the organic chemistry experiment, which is chemistry in the kitchen. Even though my groupmates and I failed at this experiment so many times, it is still my favourite assignment. Firstly, I gained a lot of knowledge from that experiment. Until I conducted the experiment, I never knew that the simple things found in the kitchen can be used to make such useful stuff.

Choosing my course

Currently I’m taking the Foundation in Science programme leading to Chinese Medicine. I chose Chinese Medicine because I’m interested in dietary therapy.

My course

Foundation in Science is a course that acts as a base before continuing on to the bachelor’s degree. Foundation allows us to gain more knowledge and makes us well-prepared before we go for higher education. In foundation, we learnt how to work in a group which did not occur much in high school.

The best bits about my course

I enjoy the practical classes. In a practical class, we conduct experiments which we have never conducted before during high school. We can learn and gain more knowledge through these experiments.

My challenges

University life is busier compared to high school life. I had difficulty in balancing my studies and leisure time. Sometimes I don’t even have time for sports. However, I planned a timetable for myself to balance my studies and leisure time. For example, every Friday I have two hours for sports and other activities. Hence, I have time for studies and also my hobbies. Besides that, due to the heavy load of homework and assignments, I do not have enough sleep most of the time. Therefore, I always try to finish up my work way before the deadline. This way I don’t need to do it last-minute and become a night owl.

Looking ahead

After graduation, I would like to continue with my degree studies. After I graduate from my degree, I would like to go for more practical training in China.

My advice

I feel that one should take a course that he or she is interested in, instead of what their parents ask them to do. When you choose something you are interested in, you will take the extra effort to study the course well.