Rayven Phuah Wei Xin

BSc in Microbiology

Rayven studied BSc in Microbiology at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Keeping the balance

My favourite hangout on campus is the faculty of science corridor.

Where did you first find out about the university you are attending now? Family.

My favourite assignment in university so far was the General Genetics assignment.

Choosing my course 
Truthfully, I didn’t want to pursue anything that involves working with humans because back then, I was quite of a misanthrope (a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society). I was in a dilemma of choosing the right stream. I love arts. I love drawing graphite pencil portraits of my favourite celebrities or of my visions. However, my older sister who majored in arts discouraged me to pursue arts as a career. Taking her advice, I decided to major in either veterinarian science or microbiology. Since my application for veterinarian science was rejected, I went for microbiology.

My course
It is the study of life that is all around us, so tiny yet having such a big impact on human life. Microorganisms cause many problems to humans and yet, are a solution to many problems as well. This drives me to do more research and develop drugs from these microorganisms to cure diseases.

The best bits about my course 
I enjoy the interaction between lecturers and students. I love listening to the lecturers sharing their experiences, vision or ambitions. Whatever they say always inspires me.

My challenges 
I am still quite of a misanthrope. I have difficulty dealing with people especially for group assignments. I have been through a few years of counselling. Also, this university assigns an academic advisor to each student, thus, I have seeked help and advice. In time, I have developed better communicating and negotiation skills to work with my group members and with the people I meet here.

Extra-curricular activities 
I am currently the elected auditor for UTAR’s Arts & Crafts Society. Through this society, I am able to do what I really love while pursuing my degree. I have a comfortable environment to show and share my talents.

Looking ahead 
Ever since I lost my mother to cancer, I have been determined to increase my understanding on the disease and its mechanism, in the hope to develop a cure or a better, cheaper, more effective treatment to help those who are suffering. I plan to help in the cancer research field, developing drugs from natural resources for cancer and other diseases. Of course I would like to balance it all with my passion for arts.

My advice 
Major in something that can assure you a career, and minor in something that you truly love. Do both with equal passion!