#PeopleStories: Credit Analyst

coursesmalaysia.com speaks to Joanne Gaw Mei Ern as she shares a glimpse of her job as Credit Analyst in the banking industry.
Joanne Gaw Mei Ern
Credit Analyst (Senior Executive), Public Bank Berhad

What do you do?

I am in the credit department of my bank. I process loans ranging from consumer loans, usually housing loans, to commercial loans, which are business loans. 

We usually get cases from walk-in customers or our marketing staff. For walk-in customers, we will usually interview them and look through their income documents. We try to match their needs such as loan amount and duration of the loan. Sometimes, we will obtain additional documents if the ones provided are lacking or reject them if they don't meet our criteria.

Once we get their complete documents, we will verify the authenticity of them and also proceed with the computation of the customer's debt service ratio/grade to see the margin of loan they qualify for and recommend to managers to approval. Once approved, we prepare a letter of offer for the customer to sign, follow up with subsequent paperwork with the solicitors and so on. 

For commercial loans, we have to analyse companies' financial statements to access their commitment and repayment capacity. We have to know the background of the company and the directors and also the whole industry to see if it's viable. We will then write up an analysis to recommend an approval too. 

How did you get here? 

I studied Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). I was interested in the banking industry because it has always been a stable one. The salary is also higher than the average 'office job' and it comes with great benefits too! My parents worked in banks before as well, so they encouraged me to join the banking field. 

Why do you do it?

I get to meet different people every day. Seeing customers grateful and happy when we inform them that their loan is approved is also a motivation. I also have very helpful colleagues who make stressful days easier. 

Who should do it? 

Someone who is planning to pursue the banking and finance or accountancy lines of work should do this. The ideal person for this job is someone with a great attention to detail, an analytical mind, strong powers of observation and doesn't mind facing the computer most of the time. 

Where can you work? 

You will be able to find work in banks and other financial services companies.