#BeAnAwesome: Financial Advisor

Did you know Financial Advisors play a big part in the wealth management process? coursesmalaysia.com brings you the details of everything you need to know in order to be a Financial Advisor.

Besides administering financial transactions, financial advisors play a big part in the wealth management process. Your responsibilities will include keeping up with market trends, evaluating the client's goals and openness to risk, identifying investment opportunities and keeping track of the client's portfolios.

You can specialise in many areas - from education funding and retirement planning to insurance protection, investment and capital management. 

Academic and other requirements

A bachelor's degree in the fields of accounting, business, economics, finance or law would be ideal. Nevertheless, it is not always necessary to have a background in these areas as many financial institutions and professional services firms do provide in-house training and flexible working arrangements for new recruits.

According to the Insurance Act (2005) you will need a Financial Advisor's Licence to work as a fully-fledged financial advisor. 

Personal skills and attributes 

Financial advisors need good analytical and quantitative skills, business acumen and confidence as well as excellent communication and decision-making skills. The ability to think on your feet and work under pressure is also crucial. 


You can work for large commercial organisations, financial institutions (ie banks, insurance companies, credit unions, etc), professional services firms, the government or even individuals.