#BeAnAwesome: Investment Banker

If you're interested to be an Investment Banker, here are some essential tips about this career that you should know!

The banking world grows more complicated every day with the provision of new financial products and services. As an investment banker, you have to keep up with these trends and help companies and governments issue securities; help investors purchase secrurities; manage financial assets, trade securities; and provide financial advice. You also specialise in raising the capital that businesses require for long-term growth and advise firms on strategic matters involving mergers, acquisitions and other transactions.

In settling on a particluar method of financing, you will have to consider general economic conditions, the market environment on the stock exchange, and a company's financial condition, earning history and prospects to sucess. You also work to guide a company into the public marketplace and generally help in its dealings with the investment community. 


Investment bankers can specialise in various sectors from natural resources, energy and utilities to corporate finance, life sciences and mining. 

Academic and other requirements 

You need a degree in a relevant business-related course. Having an MBA, specialising in quantitative and analytical coursework, gives you better opportunities to excel.

Personal skills and attributes 

Do you have strong analytical and interpersonal skills? Can you handle stress and the long hours in a high-risk-high-rewards area of work? 


Investment bankers work in companies dealing in the business functions described above. Some of the firms specialise in certain areas such as government, debt and leveraged buyouts.