Ace That Scholarship Interview

Want to know how to ace the scholarship interview? aids you the way to conquer the scholarship interview.

You are waiting your turn for an interview with the scholarship judges. You are fraught with nerves and jitters. What will clinch the scholarship for you? We provide you with some useful information.

If you have made it to the interview stage, congratulations! The judges like your application and would like to meet you. This is to check and confirm if you are who your application says you are. This is your opportunity to supplement your academic credentials with the kind of impression that cannot be put on paper. Through the interviewing process, you will usually be observed for your level of maturity, intelligence, poise and performance under pressure among others.


It is essential to prepare ahead for your interview as it would not only calm your jitters but also build your confidence. Even though it may be impossible to predict the kind of questions that the judges will ask you, there are, however, some common ones that are usually asked.

Be prepared to talk about the following:

  • Background

    • Educational history, family, work experience

  • Achievements

    • Awards won, grade point average, class ranking

  • Failures

    • Mistakes made, lessons learnt

  • Future

    • Academic and career plan

  • Skills

    • Interpersonal skills, other kinds of skills that you possess, strengths and weaknesses

  • Extracurricular activities

    • Clubs involved in, leadership position held, volunteer/religious activities, hobbies

  • Financial stability

    • Financial resources, level of financial need, projected expenses

Interview checklist

  1. Know the time and place of your interview

  2. Learn the names of the interviewers

  3. Know the mission of the organisation

  4. Know what questions you want to ask the interviewers

  5. Practice with fellow students/supervisor to improve confidence level. 

The interview

You are in a room waiting for your turn to meet the scholarship judges. It feels as if your nerves have taken a life of its own. It is mostly impossible to relax under these circumstances. This would be a good time to remember that you are there because the judges think that you are someone that they are considering awarding the scholarship to. Remind yourself that you are one of the few picked from the thousands of applicants, so you earned the right to be there.

To help yourself relax, consider the interview as a conversation with a guidance counsellor or an older adult. The interviewers are in fact using the interview to get to know you better. Be as genuine as you can and let your enthusiasm for your education show through your conversation.

Some pointers

  1. Be punctual

  2. Dress professionally

  3. Make a good first impression

  4. Be articulate

  5. Provide frank answers

  6. Be positive

  7. Don't be afraid to ask questions

  8. Be on your best behaviour