No Wedding Bells for You and Scholarships

Speak now, or forever hold your peace? You may work hard, but fate works harder. What if, in a wild case scenario, you didn’t receive any scholarships you’ve applied to? What then? Before you go into a downward spiral, Yeow Xin Qi may have just the list to give you a helping hand.
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Yeow Xin Qi
Content Contributor,

#1. The thing about change 

Why not consider enrolling yourself into a public university? This generally appeals to school leavers who are unsure of what to major in, and local universities may provide the right faculties in different fields of major that is worth your consideration. However, you should be sure to do an appropriate amount of research before coming to a decision. 

#2. We’re Venus and Mars

Alternatively, you can give yourself some time; go with your own flow and not trudging along with everybody else. Take a gap year, get yourself a job to make ends meet.

Perhaps being a waiter at a café just down the street from your house will do, whichever works for you. The goal is to have a steady income which you will then invest in your tuition fees. 

#3. Knowing me, knowing you 

Sometimes those aren’t enough, and you need to put in more effort to make it work. You can look elsewhere for help, like opting for education or bank loans, an example of that is PTPTN. Of course, the catch is you will have to repay once you’ve graduated and got yourself a steady job. Hey, with the right amount of attitude and effort, anything is achievable. 

#4. Thought you into a dream

Despite all the setbacks, you want to make it work, and your one dream is to graduate from university. Put that thought into action, not just hold it as a dream. If all else fails, approach and explain your situation to your faculty. You can request to defer certain subjects until the next semester or to only sit for one to two subjects per semester that work well with your financial situation, if that’s your only concern. 

In the end, losing out on this union (you and your scholarship, heh) doesn’t mean that you’re not smart or talented enough. There could be many factors that got lost in translation that you would never know. What you can do is move on from that setbacks, and who knows, if you put your mind to it, you might just hear wedding bells ringing for you soon.