The More You Know About Scholarships…

…the better! Getting into university, the main concern, if not one of the many concerns people hold would be about money. There are things about scholarships unbeknownst to the public, but luckily, Yeow Xin Qi has got you covered!
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Yeow Xin Qi
Content Contributor,

Hello, inclusivity?

A common misconception is that scholarships are for people who are geniuses or star athletes. Although many institutions would require you to report your CGPA, that doesn’t mean they base their decision solely based on your results. Many colleges award scholarships on their own terms, opting to look at things other than test scores. 

Yep, it’s for you too

Your financial status doesn’t really matter, as opposed to what most people believe. You just need to know where to look for the right scholarships for you. In this case, you should look up scholarships offered on need-based, like the government, as opposed to merit-based. The amount of aid you receive will then be dependent on the total earnings your family makes per year.  

Diversity is calling!

Don’t limit yourself to aid provided by colleges. There are different types of scholarships out there. If you or your parents belong to a foundation, church, or if they work for a large organisation, that’s where you can start. There are also some scholarships that are awarded based on your unique interests, like art, social sciences, and agriculture scholarships. 

What’s the catch, then? You ask

Don’t go too far. Don’t go applying for every scholarship you can find, as it will only add on to unnecessary burden and fatigue. ‘But it increases my chance at getting aid’,you scream. Now, you must remember, privately funded scholarship will affect the amount of financial aid you receive. So, if you wish to apply for more than one aid, you will need a proper strategy and thorough research.