Where To Find Scholarships

Find out where to find scholarships as coursesmalaysia.com reveals the answers you're looking for.

Scholarships are 'financial aids', so students should never have to pay money to obtain scholarship details and application forms. Beware of scholarship scams.

The first step in obtaining a scholarship is to find those that you can apply for − especially those which you are uniquely qualified for and have a good chance of winning.

There is no single website nor guidebook that can claim to list all available scholarships. Some scholarships are also not well publicised. Therefore, success in winning a scholarship requires determination and hard work to find available scholarships, to prepare a good scholarship application and to submit the application to the right organisation at the right time.

Do your research online as well as well as offline. Your scholarship search should include the following sources:

  • Your school career counsellor or career guidance centre. They can also help you narrow down scholarships to apply for and assist you with your applications

  • Institutions and corporations are known to award scholarships. In Malaysia, these include the Public Service Department or JPA, PETRONAS, Bank Negara Malaysia, ASTRO, Proton, The Star, HSBC Malaysia, Shell, Intel Malaysia, Honda Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional, Tenaga Nasional, Maybank, Great Eastern Life (Malaysia), New Straits Times, YTL Corporation, Gamuda, Sime Darby etc. Check their websites, and also ask any of your relatives who work at those organisations to obtain information for you

  • Websites of foreign embassies and high commissions. Many governments, including China, Germany and Japan, offer scholarships to foreign students to study in their countries to promote cultural exchange and international understanding

  • Colleges and universities in Malaysia often offer internal scholarships to their students. Visit the website of the institution you are considering attending and call its admission office to find out if they offer any internal scholarships to their students. They might also be able to suggest available scholarship sources

  • Major newspapers, educational magazines and other mass media usually publish scholarship application announcements immediately following the release of SPM/STPM results. Also look out for announcements in the media about new scholarship programmes year-round. In July 2009, the Malaysian government announced the introduction of a new category of JPA scholarships that will be available from 2010 onwards

  • Scholarship websites such as www.doctorjob.com.my/Scholarships.aspx . These compile information from all over the Internet about available scholarships. Their accuracy depends on how frequently they are updated, so always check the date of the latest update. When looking for scholarships on the Internet, adding specific qualifications to your search − say, 'Germany engineering scholarship' − will be more effective than simply typing in the word 'scholarship', which will find hundreds of thousands of results that will be time-consuming to sieve through.

Most scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis and have specific deadlines. Start searching for scholarship opportunities early. This will allow you to be as thorough as possible in your scholarship search. It will also give you time to understand the application process as well as learn what it takes to win the scholarship.