Yays and Nays of Scholarships

coursesmalaysia.com compiled a list of scholarship yay’s and nay’s that you should know before sending out your scholarship application.

Scholarship applications can be extremely tedious. It is best to know the do's and don'ts of scholarship applications in order to have the best application as possible.

The Yay’s! 

·      Eligibility
- Read the scholarship requirements thoroughly. Make sure that you fulfil all the requirements listed. Most scholarship providers are very particular about the student they present the scholarship to.

·      Complete the application in full
- Do not leave blanks. If the information is requested, it must be important to the organisation in their selection process. Failure to comply may often result in your application being rejected.

·      Read instructions
- Provide everything that is required. You may be penalised for things you've missed out. However, don't give things that aren't required.

·      Legibility
- Candidates are often disqualified because of illegible handwriting. Always type your application. If you really have to write, do it neatly and legibly.

·      Personal and specific
- Write an essay that gives a good and lasting impression. Share personal experiences that are relevant for the course that you want to request the scholarship for, and always be honest and sincere.

·      Be on track
- Make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete the application and submit it by the deadline stated. Late applications are not entertained.

·      Initial your application
- Write your name and identification card number on every page of your application paper. Stapled pages may come loose and with the hundreds of applications they receive, it may just get mixed up with another. Don't risk it.

·      Back-up
- In case something goes wrong or your application goes missing, you can reproduce one right away.

·      Question
- If you are facing difficulties in the application process, don't be afraid to ask. It is better to know than to be oblivious about it.

·      Proofread 
- Grammatical errors and spelling errors among others would get your application thrown out. Therefore, get someone to proofread it for you so that they can catch the mistakes that you may have missed.

The Nay’s!

·       Rush through your application. 
- Start early and give yourself enough time to think before sending in your application! Your few minutes of procrastination pleasure is not worth it. Get started early. 

·       Ignore the instructions. 
- They are there for a reason. Pay close attention to the instructions so as to prepare a Grade-A application. Remember, you will only get what you want if you give them what they want.

·       Leave any questions blank or unanswered. 
- Every question is important. Don’t be shy to ask around for help. Your teachers, family members, or friends. Pick their brains. 

·       Exaggerate or brag. 
- It doesn't make you look good. The truth will always prevail, so don’t bother exaggerating. Stay authentic. 

·       Send your application in after the specified deadline. 
- If you’re serious about getting this scholarship, please do not do this! Your application will not be considered – all that hard work, all for nothing!

·       Illustrate your strengths and your points with hypothetical answers.
- Real life examples are always a good thing. Share with them a story of how you accomplished something great or achieved something outstanding. 

·       Make spelling or grammatical mistakes.
- Always run a spell-check on your document. The quality of your application plays an extremely important role. 

·       Forget to include relevant documents and important information.
- Again, pay attention to these little details as it will go a long way!

·       Think that it's impossible for you to get that scholarship. 
- If all things are equal, you stand a better chance of getting that scholarship when you submit a carefully crafted application!

All the best!