#BeAnAwesome: Artist

Is being an artist your dream come true? If that's the case then let's dive into what it takes to be an awesome artist!

Fine artists express ideas through different methods such as sculpting, painting and illustration in many media options such as oil paints, plaster, clay or computers.

To be successful, you must read a lot, be in tune with what is going on around you, and be knowledgable and skilful in the material or medium that you are using. With experience, skills and ideas, you will be able to conceptualise and create in-depth art pieces which will attract not just collectors but museum curators as well. You must also be able to translate ideas into tangible art pieces, and be able to articulate and explain your work to dealers and audiences.

The more successful artists have their works featured regularly in exhibitions and can command a high price for their artwork. Some of them even open their own art studios and galleries.


You can specialise based on the medium you use, themes and type of art.

Academic and other requirements

For an artist, what is most important is talent, experience and years of artistic training and practice. You do not need formal training to become an artist. However, most artists today have qualifications in fine art or graphic design to further hone their natural talents.

Personal skills and attributes

Are you creative? Do you have talent? Do you have a passion for art? Do you have an eye for detail?


Most artists create artwork as a form of self-expression, and people who like the results then buy these pieces. However, some artwork is commissioned (done by request) and for jobs like these, you will have to meet with clients to discuss objectives, ideas and themes to be portrayed.