#BeAnAwesome: Fashion Designer

Is being a fashion designer your dream come true? If that's the case then let's dive into what it takes to be an awesome fashion designer!

As a fashion designer, not only do you design clothing and accessories but are also involved in the full production process. You will source ideas and materials necessary to develop designs, and analyse current fashion trends and predict – or create – future ones.

You will need to come up with visuals and mood and theme boards, illustrations and technical drawings as well as costing and specification sheets. You will then need to liaise with the technical team in order to produce samples of your designs. This includes choosing and comparing fabrics and coordinating the workers on the project. You will also need to confer with sales and management executives for marketing ideas and to analyse consumer feedback.


You can focus on types of clothes – such as haute couture, formal wear, casual wear, lingerie, and sportswear – or shoes, hats, handbags etc.

You can also specialise in costume design and construction for film or theatre productions.

Academic and other requirements

It is useful to have a degree or diploma in fashion design/management.

Personal skills and attributes

Are you creative, imaginative and intuitive? Do you have a good sense of style? Are you passionate about fashion and do you enjoy keeping up-to-date with the latest trends?


Employers include fashion houses, consultancies, high street retailers, manufacturers and fashion companies. You may also be employed as a costume designer for production sets, such as for movies and theatre, or work on a freelance basis.