#CoursesGalore: Arts Management

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Arts Management, here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

For those who do not have the interest or talent to be an artist, but still want to dabble in the arts, this is the course for you. This course will prepare you to become a leader, manager and contributing member of arts organisations, promoting all facets of the arts in various communities.

What will you study?

The course will prepare you to understand the needs and aspirations of artists that you’ll be representing as an art manager. In addition to artistic and cultural values, you will learn practical skills of organisational development, public relations and marketing of the arts.

Core subjects 

Drawing orientation; design orientation; contemporary art history; ancient and medieval art history; basic accounting theory; management and administration; microeconomics; 
advertising; marketing.

Typical course duration

A degree course in arts management will take at least three years to complete.


There are no specific prerequisite subjects for this course. 

What do graduates do? 

Graduates can find careers in arts and cultural industries. Work is available in performing arts organisations, museums, galleries, academic institutions, tourist and heritage attractions and administration in art and culture industries.