#CoursesGalore: Fashion Design

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Fashion Design, here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

Fashion design is interpreting fashion ideas and creating fashion. The world of fashion can be considered a fickle industry as fashion trends change seemingly without explanation or reason. What is fashionable today may not be deemed fashionable in the next few months, but may become fashionable again in 10 years’ time.

What will you study?

A course in fashion design will give you a solid foundation in fashion and design principles, which include the practical tasks of pattern-making and garment construction. It also covers complementary aspects such as materials, technology and business (that is, retailing and merchandising). You can choose to specialise in areas that enhance the fundamental skills of fashion design and business: for example, in computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing.

Core subjects 

Apparel manufacturing and production; business and general education (retail and merchandising, etc); colours; computer-aided fashion design; fabrics from around the world; fashion design principles; fashion technology; materials science.

Typical course duration

Fashion design degrees take at least three years to complete.


Most universities have no specific subject requirements, though you should have an aptitude for creative design.

What do graduates do? 

Aside from being a fashion designer – either self-employed or part of a fashion house – a fashion design graduate can work as a buyer, consultant, fashion stylist, retail merchandiser or in marketing.