#CoursesGalore: Theatre Arts (Also Theatre, Film and Dance/Theatre Studies)

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Theatre Arts, here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

The study of theatre arts is broad. There are several key areas, which include acting or theatre, dance and stage directing, as well as design, technology and backstage management. It is possible to specialise in one or two of these subject areas at the end of the course, or you can opt to do a specific degree in the subject matter.

What will you study?

Apart from bringing your ability to act, dance or perform one step further, the course will also cover the study of art forms, for example, the history, dramatics and variations of dance.

Core subjects 

Acting techniques, rehearsal and performance; advanced film and video projects; dance technique (ballet, modern, and western classical), improvisation and composition; design, technology and stage management; explorations in movement and performance; fundamentals of directing; playwriting and screen writing; scene study; voice and speech for performance.

Taking elective modules on costuming and stage make-up, as well as fundamentals of directing, will add to your versatility on and offstage.

Typical course duration

A degree in this subject takes at least three years to complete.


Prior exposure to the performing arts is advantageous, but not a prerequisite. Some universities would require you to pass an audition before selection.

What do graduates do? 

As a graduate, you can work as an actor, director, announcer, manager, agent, broadcast journalist, acting coach, writer, talent scout, teacher, programme assistant etc.