A Brand New Adventure!

After SPM, you'll be making important decisions about what you want to do with the rest of your life and the path to take to achieve those goals. Read on to learn more about the adventure of self-discovery you will be getting into!

When you leave school, you will be entering a crucial phase in life because you will have to make decisions about your future and take steps towards that future.

In the process of doing so, you will go through new experiences and discover new things about yourself while rediscovering old facets.

Your decision-making will essentially be divided into two main questions:

  • Do I want to get a higher education? (Path 1)

  • Do I want to start working? (Path 2)

In either path, you will discover a new environment filled with challenges. Here's a list of some of them:

Path 1

If you choose to further your education, you'll be studying at a college to prepare for the following:

  • Crowds of people: Dealing with so many people of different backgrounds might be a bit of a culture shock so brush up on your people skills and find the courage to make new friends.

  • A lot more freedom!: No more school bells for you. More freedom also equates to the need for more discipline and being responsible.

  • Image! image! image!: Most colleges won't require uniforms so you'll have full reign in the dress department.

  • Communication and public speaking skills: Lecturers will demand interaction and discussions so know your own mind and practise expressing your thoughts clearly and diplomatically.

  • Money: Your allowance will grow, particularly if you move to the city to attend college. You will need to learn how to manage money and not waste it!

  • Being independent: Using public transport and finding your way around college may be bewildering, so learn to ask for directions.

Path 2

You might choose not to further your education (coursesmalaysia strongly advises against this!) or may be unable to do so because of the lack of finances or may want to work while waiting for your examination results. Whether you become a full-time/part-time/temporary worker or volunteer, you'll be exposed to most of the changes in Path 1 in addition to these:

  • The working world - You will need to be disciplined, dedicated and willing to learn.

  • Communication skills - You will need to expand your existing set of skills as you interact with superiors and contemporaries.

  • A monthly salary! - For most of you, this will be a first, so get some advice on how to spend (and save) your money responsibly.

  • Office skills - You will learn how to manage basic office machinery such as the fax machine and photocopier.

Whatever you decide, just remember that it will be a new phase of life, bringing new discoveries and confirming old ones. So enjoy the experience!