The Importance Of Communication

Being an all-rounder also means having good communication skills. What does having good communication skills mean and how does it help? will give you the answers that you're looking for.

It is quite common to read about or hear employers complaining about fresh graduates who cannot make themselves understood in English. The ability to use the language well is important in the working world unless you plan to be in a career where you don't need to deal with people outside of your own country!

In getting a job

In the process of getting yourself hired, you would need to impress your potential bosses. Bosses these days value employees who are creative with their ideas. But what good is an idea if you can't get your thoughts across? Your employers would not dare to trust you to sell their products or ideas if they don't even think you can sell yourself well!

Working as a team

Besides impressing employers, you would also need to deal with co-workers, and chances are, you will need to work as a team. Again, being reasonably articulate is crucial. Not only does this serve to let others know what you're thinking, but you would invariably gain respect from your co-workers and employers if you are to be clear and concise about your ideas.

Besides, it could get a little irritating working with someone who, because of communication problems, chose to remain quiet and not contribute their opinions or suggestions that would otherwise be great solutions.

Outside the office

Of course, the usefulness of good communication is not only limited to the workplace. If you can speak well, it will go a long way in helping you make more friends, and in turn, make you a more likeable person. Good EQ could also come into play with this area, though that is another story altogether.

If you're articulate with words it could help you become a more confident person and fit in better with a crowd. But if you're not, then how can you improve in this area?


To the self-initiated ones, if you feel your communication skills need polishing, you can always enroll in a language school to improve in the languages that you'll be using in the future such as English or Mandarin. You can also watch movies to see how confident characters carry themselves in a situation and pick up some tips from there. Pay attention to when you should pause for effect, or when you should just flash a smile.


Communication skills are important inside and outside of work, when dealing with co-workers, family, friends, and people you will come in contact with now or in the future. It takes practice but it can be a very important tool to bring out your thoughts and ideas, besides helping you become a more confident person.