#PeopleStories: Document Controller

Ever wonder what a document controller does, why they do it and how they got there? Saiful Azwan, a business graduate, shares insight on his career journey as well as who should take up this career, and where a document controller can work.
Saiful Azwan Bin Baderi
Document Controller

What do you do?

As a document controller, I’m in charge of:

  • Developing document control procedures and Standard Operating Policies and Procedures (SOPPs) which include document control; numbering, filing and archiving guidelines; and correspondence procedures
  • Monitoring and updating the master document register for all engineering documents and reports, vendor data and reports, class approvals, as well as daily or weekly progress reports
  • Conducting document control duties by preparing the market data retrieval (MDR) which covers both engineering and non-engineering project documentation
  • Ensuring that all documents follow and meet the requirements that set by QA Project Department
  • Expediting contractors on submission of project package deliverables
  • Reviewing and commenting on document control procedures
  • Coming up with a list of all projects handled.

How did you get here?

When I left university as a business grad, I soon found work at an advertising firm. As it turned out, I didn’t see the economic recession coming until it hit in 1997-98. I was retrenched as a result. I then went to a recruitment agency to register myself and was assigned to one of their clients for an oil and gas-related project. Although it wasn’t the first time I heard about the oil and gas industry, it was my first real encounter with it.

To sum it all up, I was let go from my first job, remained unemployed for several months and then struck an opportunity in oil and gas. I guess you can say that it is a hard way of learning, but what I’ve gone through so far makes me want to remain in this industry and continue to learn more within it.

Why do you do it?

Life is about learning. That makes me love the job that I’m doing.

Who should do it?

If you’re patient, passionate, meticulous and have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, then being a document controller is the right job for you. Well, truth be told, just about anyone can be a good fit for this job. Regardless of your education background, there are numerous positions available across all levels, and as long as you have the qualities I mentioned earlier, you will do just fine.

Where can you work?

Document controllers can be found in almost every industry including but not limited to engineering, manufacturing and fabrication, banking, etc.