#PeopleStories: Extravagantly Espresso

Seeing the number of cafés mushrooming in the past couple of years, I wanted to speak to an industry expert that could share with coursesmalaysia what it really takes to reach the top of the coffee game. I decided to speak to Amin, the well-spoken, confident owner of Posh Coffee Roastery. He is no stranger to the scene – Amin is an international sensory judge with a friendly smile.
Sharlyn J
Writer, coursesmalaysia.com

Having a vision

A man from an engineering background, Amin found his calling in the coffee industry. With a long-term goal of starting up his own roastery, he tirelessly invested in his growth and personal brand as a barista for five long years.

Today, we can say that all of his hard work has finally paid off. Amin always had his focus fixed on building a good foundation for the brand of his future business. To achieve this, he had to spend countless hours consulting and training other baristas in various cafés. Instead of riding on his high horse into these situations, he saw it as small learning assignments in different aspects of the F&B operations. All these little lessons have helped him in kickstarting and running his own café like a boss.

‘If you have the heart of a businessman, you may very well start a low-cost café and make some profit. But without a proper concept or direction, there’s hardly a point in doing that. But with proper direction, you would be able to navigate effectively towards your goal!

Serving with integrity

Amin, with the heart of a true barista, believes in serving his customers with nothing less than the best. Most of the café owners Amin has worked with in the past now buy coffee beans from him, because they trust that he places the quality of the coffee beans that he serves above everything else.

‘One guy wanted to get 20kg of coffee beans a month from me, but I told him that I would make the three extra trips to deliver 5kg to him each week. I do this simply because I don’t want him to use my coffee beans when they’ve gotten old.’ It is this dedication that helps him deliver 100% quality through his products and level of service.

Finding joy in hardship

When he first started off as a barista, Amin had to start from scratch. He recollects his first day in his job at the café. ‘I still remember it so vividly; they reprimanded me for washing the dishes too slowly. I’ve been through hardships and I’ve learnt from it. But I never gave up because I don’t believe in quitting.’

Getting scolded for tardiness was not the furthest extent of his hardships. His dream of participating in the World Barista Championship was dashed because he couldn’t represent Malaysia due to his nationality. Instead of moping and feeling bad for himself, he decided to pick himself up and polish his skills even further. Instead of reentering as a mere participant, today Amin proudly stands as a judge.

"If I had allowed one setback to slow my momentum down, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Rather than allowing it to stop me, I saw the bigger picture and decided to own the situation!"

Nothing is impossible

Two years ago, Posh Coffee Roastery was only a dream, far from a solid plan to Amin. He dreamt of owning his own double-storey café with a one-sided glass roastery complete with his own trainees. Today, he runs that very café of his dreams.

Amin shares that there were many opportunities that came his way, but none of which took root until he met his partner to kickstart Posh. Having the right partner by his side made him feel at complete peace about investing his hard-earned money into what seemed to be just an idea. Since its opening, they have seen healthy growth in the business. Not one to rest on his laurels, Amin plans to continue laying the tracks for Posh to keep moving forward in the next two years.

He intends to continue expanding his business in the years to come – with more branches after different locations to extend his top-notch f&b service to a wider reach. With his resilience, grit and passion in this industry, I’m certain he will achieve all that his heart desires and Posh Coffee Roastery will be a brand well-known, far and wide.