#PeopleStories: Project & Service Engineer

Leong Zi Wei has always wanted to create a better environment through engineering, and that led him to this job.
Leong Zi Wei
Project & Service Engineer at Eratreat Engineering Sdn Bhd

What do you do?

As a project and service engineer, I am responsible for planning and executing assigned projects on schedule and delivering quality work that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our projects are mainly focused on industrial water treatment solutions for producing ultrapure water. This is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, ranging from cosmetics, F&B, semiconductor fabrication and even automobile manufacturing.

In addition, I am responsible for coordinating a team of 10 service engineers and technicians who service clients with existing systems requiring maintenance.

How did you get here?

Since young, my goal was to create a better living environment through engineering, which led me to pursue a Master's degree in chemical engineering. I originally wanted to go into academic research, but my years at university led me to realise that I enjoyed working on projects more. Upon graduation it was clear that I wanted to be involved in project work, and this job offered the opportunity to do so in a field that I was interested in.

Why do you do it?

On a really basic level, we take a basic commodity like water and turn it into something valuable for product manufacturing, and I think that's really exciting. We also offer our clients the possibility of upgrading with modular systems or retrofitting their existing systems, scaling up their water supply facilities as their business grows.

We have previously been called in to propose a treatment solution for a factory's wastewater because the smell from the drains was becoming unbearable for the residents nearby. We also worked on projects that further purified river water supplied for residential use.

I enjoy my work as a project engineer because every project is so dynamic and offers its own set of challenges. When we overcome the challenges, each completed project offers our clients a unique solution tailored to their needs. It's a really rewarding feeling for me when I see the end users happy with the results!

Who should do it?

Someone looking to join the water treatment industry needs to have good problem-solving skills and have sound engineering knowledge. If they are looking to work in projects, they would require very strong time management skills, leadership skills and persistence.

Where can you work?

As a project engineer, the opportunities are fairly wide, in general. Almost all industries require projects to be executed, and project engineers who are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) will be even more sought after. I am currently working towards the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification with the PMI and subsequently the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification when I have accumulated sufficient work experience.