#CoursesGalore: Mechanical Engineering

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Mechanical Engineering, here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

Mechanical engineering focuses on all types of machinery in areas such as transportation (automobiles, ships, trains and aircraft), construction, manufacturing, and energy utilisation and conservation.

The scope of mechanical engineering is broad, so you can opt to specialise at the end of the course. Some of the specialisations to choose from include: aeronautics, aerospace, mechatronics, manufacturing, packaging and automotive engineering.

What will you study?

In the first two years of the course, you’ll study core subjects like thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid and machine mechanics, and dynamics. Besides that, you’ll also study the mechanical behaviour of materials, electrical circuits and computer-aided design, computer-controlled systems, and mechatronics.

Core subjects

Combustion processes; fluid mechanics and aerodynamics; introduction to robotics: dynamics, control, mechanical design, analysis and synthesis; mechanical properties and processing of engineering materials; model-based estimation; modelling and simulation of mechanical systems; thermodynamics.

Typical course duration

A degree in mechanical engineering will take at least three years to complete.


Prior study and good grades in physics and mathematics, plus one other science or mathematical subject, are required.

What do graduates do?

Graduates can work as engineers in all manner of industries, in R&D, design or production.