#PeopleStories: Executive Travel Consultant

Are you interested to find out more about being an executive travel consultant? Ng Kah Jian from Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd shares the details about his job.
Ng Kah Jian (Patrick)
Executive Travel Consultant at Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Expedia Project)

What do you do?

I am in charge of receiving and finding solutions to relocation cases between the guests and hotels who use our cervices. As such, I receive calls from both parties regarding these cases which could involve overbooked hotels, missing reservations, rate discrepancies, contractual issues and so on. It’s a lot of juggling of multiple deadlines and handling a queue of cases that need to be resolved urgently. I report to my superior on the progress of these cases regularly and work to protect the reputation of the company overall.

How did you get here?

I completed my Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management in Reliance College Kuala Lumpur. Why did I choose this course? I’m a travel enthusiast. I have had many opportunities to travel around the world and earn money while doing so.

Why do you do it?

In the service line, I treat my tasks as challenges each day to try and resolve issues as fast as possible and ensure that the guests are happy with my solution. If guest satisfaction is achieved and I hit my KPI, my company will provide me with a monthly bonus as an incentive. I’m very happy with my working environment because I have a platform that makes me progress in the travel industry and have a brighter future. The best part of my career is being able to have so many new friends and colleagues. We’re all of the younger generation, and we work hard and play hard.  

Who should do it?

Someone with good interpersonal and communication skills would do well in this job. You should also be willing to travel and work overtime as well as on public holidays. The ability to multitask, face challenges and solve problems is also important, and it’s a bonus if you are analytical with good organisation skills. You should also be independent and able to work under pressure. 

Where can you work?

In a travel agency company, you can work as a tour leader, tour guide, tour planner, or within the teams of operations, sales and marketing. In the hotel services industry, you could work as a receptionist, in public relations, housekeeping, food and beverage, the concierge and so on. Meanwhile, customer service companies in the hotel or airline industries have positions within the sales, support, relocation and complaint teams.