#BeAnAwesome: Coffee Barista

Being a barista is much like taking the road less travelled. Make the best out of it and drive the Malaysian coffee industry forward for better coffee appreciation and lifestyle.
Vun Ka Ket (Jimmy)
Head Barista at Standing Theory

What will I do?

Coffee quality control and beverage innovation.

Is it for me?

The role of a barista is not confined to just making coffee, because he or she is an important asset of a café. He or she needs to understand people and, well, coffee! Constantly delivering the best customer service and striving for more coffee knowledge is what is needed of us.

How much will I earn?

The barista career is not a highly paid one. Salary varies from company to company and starts from RM1,200.

Who will employ me?

Some of the well-established companies are:

  • Coffex Coffee Malaysia
  • Classic Coffee Malaysia
  • Dankoff Coffee Specialist

Or perhaps you could join one of the many independent cafés which are currently growing rapidly throughout Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, etc.


Coffee is a never-ending topic. Therefore, being a barista is not a dead-end job. From growing coffee plants to agricultural research, all the way to competing in national or international championships, the areas of specialisation go on and on.