#CoursesGalore: Genetics (Also Genetics and Development/Molecular Genetics)

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Genetics (Also Genetics and Development/Molecular Genetics), here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

A course in genetics will bring you to the cutting edge of science. The focus in this exciting field is the genetic code: the arrangement of genes that control the development of an organism’s characteristics and qualities. These genetic principles are shared among all organisms, allowing for the immense potential to revolutionise the way we do things – from treating diseases to producing crops. 

What will you study?

Your studies will include the study of heredity and its variations, including the physiology of reproduction and breeding in living organisms. You will also study characteristics, functions and permutations of DNA.

Specialisations include genetic engineering, genetic fingerprinting and gene therapy.

Core subjects 

Biochemistry; biotechnology; cell and molecular biology; plant science; zoology; fertilisation and embryology; genealogy and genetic codes; genetic engineering; genetic therapy; quantitative human genetics.

Typical course duration

You can complete a degree in this field within three years. Postgraduate study of one to five years will usually be required if you want to work in research.


Prior study of biology with physics or chemistry and mathematics is required.

What do graduates do? 

Graduates can work in research and development laboratories, at academic institutions, in manufacturing, and in other areas related to medicine, agriculture and wildlife, anthropology etc.

More information

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