#PeopleStories: Digital Marketing Executive

Everything you need to know about being a digital marketing executive in this one article. Details brought to you by Tang Jan Ryan, a digital marketing executive at GST Marketing Sdn Bhd.
Tang Jan Ryan
Digital Marketing Executive at GST Marketing Sdn Bhd

What do you do?

What I do involves visualising and creating online marketing content for my company’s online platforms. This includes our website and all of our various social media pages. I also keep track of the analytics of each online marketing campaign and its contents. This basically involves breaking it down and analysing if each piece of content or campaign reaches our intended target audiences. In addition to that, I carry out analysis on the drop-off rate of the website traffic.

How did you get here?

I started off with a Diploma in Business in HELP University. After this course I decided to take a total 360 degrees turn in my study path to pursue a Sports and Recreation Management degree in Australia. 

In all honesty, I’ve only built a passion for digital marketing towards the end of my degree in Australia and when I started a small e-commerce website with a buddy of mine. I have taken up multiple online courses and read numerous articles to strengthen my knowledge of marketing in the digital world.  

Why do you do it?

The constant brainstorming of new and creative ideas with my team is what gets me up and running every day. Moreover, the joy of each successful campaign is a completely unprecedented feeling.

Who should do it?

This job requires a lot of creative work, thinking out of the box and most importantly of all, a whole lot of patience! If you find working long hours and having sleepless nights an issue, then sad to say this is not the job for you.

Where can you work?

You can work in a variety of places, including fully-fledged digital agencies, retail companies in the fields of food and beverage, fashion and entertainment, as well as e-commerce companies.